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Not too long ago, Marilyn linked to a really cool site that allows you to make word maps of text that you upload or that exists on a website: Wordle. So, of course, I popped this journal's URL into the engine and came up with something that surprised me, though it shouldn't have.

The 2 most frequently used words on this here journal, on that day*, were Liz (no surprise there, perhaps) and KARIN. Her name was many times larger than both Anders' and Martin's and it took me a bit aback for a moment, and then I laughed since really, with stuff like THIS going on around the house, why would I be surprised that she gets mentioned so often?

She's leaping off the arm of the big chair, expecting her father to catch her which, thankfully, he does...every time. She's been doing this for a long time, off and on, our own little flying monkey. She's pretty fearless when it comes to the physical stuff, even though she sometimes gives me palpitations. I hope her willingness to leap forward with enthusiasm, knowing that she's got a safety net of love to catch her before she breaks something will stay intact through her life, for all of the metaphorical, emotional and social cliffs she'll need to jump from some day.

I know it's an ability that has stood me in good stead throughout my life. What leaps of faith have you made in your time?

> > > BONUS! Flying** Monkey Video!

*I ran the obiter dictum through Wordle again today and Martin and Karin's name were equal in size, which gave me some relief from thinking I was unconsciously playing favorites here.
**Much like typing "brian" for "brain" (BWAHA! I just did it AGAIN!) I can no longer type the word "flying" without typing "flyinge" first.
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I think my biggest leap of faith was when I left Australia for the uncertain wilds of Sweden. Like Karin, I found a safety net of love to catch me. :)

I tried Wordle and it came up with a blank page. I guess I'm a woman of few words.... or perhaps they were all unprintable....

LOL! You scared it silent!

I think it had more to do with it being Friends Only. But I liked my other explanation better.

Wow, that's quite a distance!

Also, flying, flyinge, made me chuckle. :-)


What a fab picture. My dad used to throw me in the air a lot when I was little, but one time he dropped me and that was that. Everyone claims that incident was what made me warped!


Ooops - I always forget to post my name.


Leaps of Faith!? hmm, my "brian" is slow, give me time...
Oh, and I don't think I'd take that one that Karin is obviously enjoying.

I'm relieved to see that it isn't just my daughter that does this.

Speaking of Karin (but also Martin), I thought of your kids this weekend. My children are now one with the Force. They've finally seen the Star Wars movies. Fans of them they are now.

Trouble, you are in! Action figures they must have!

That just reminded me of my friend who, instead of a Magic 8-Ball, had a Yoda that told the future. Find it I must.

Leaps of faith

Well, this is a hard question to answer just now. I'm in the middle of job searching and I feel sorely lacking in my faith in finding what I need. I guess I'm at the point I have to take a leap and really get out there and promote myself. I need a job for my sanity and bills!

In my life I've done that- I took a traveling job and worked as a traveling photographer for five and half years. On my own and loved it. Now, I'm on my own (living far from family still) but in one place. Why don't I have that same spirit?

Yeah, a leap is what I need to take...


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