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♥ Waking up leisurely, realizing that I didn't have to get up for work, and then reading for an hour before finally arising

♥ Having breakfast with Lizardmom

♥ Sweater weather

♥ Walking through the shopping district of Lund's old town center and finding an absolutely beautiful sweater at Kriss and splurging

♥ Eating at one of my favorite restaurants that never fails to have excellent lunch entrees: chicken filet baked in pastry with potato terrine, sauted vegetables and tarragon creme.

♥ Stopping by Press Stop to pick up some American magazines: Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple

♥ Receiving the 2nd of 5 CDs ordered earlier this week and lazing on the couch in the afternoon sunshine while listening to it: Kings of Convenience — Riot on an Empty Street

♥ Getting an awesome massage from a newly discovered (by Karin!) massage therapist in Flyinge; she hit EVERY sore spot just right

♥ Fixing the perfect dinner: Pan-seared salmon with chili-saffron spice, buttered rice, and sauteed snap peas & kohlrabi, with globe artichokes. YUM

♥ Anticipating tomorrow: lunch in Malmö with friends, more shopping, an outing with the kids and a baked potato buffet dinner party!
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