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♥ Waking up leisurely, realizing that I didn't have to get up for work, and then reading for an hour before finally arising

♥ Having breakfast with Lizardmom

♥ Sweater weather

♥ Walking through the shopping district of Lund's old town center and finding an absolutely beautiful sweater at Kriss and splurging

♥ Eating at one of my favorite restaurants that never fails to have excellent lunch entrees: chicken filet baked in pastry with potato terrine, sauted vegetables and tarragon creme.

♥ Stopping by Press Stop to pick up some American magazines: Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple

♥ Receiving the 2nd of 5 CDs ordered earlier this week and lazing on the couch in the afternoon sunshine while listening to it: Kings of Convenience — Riot on an Empty Street

♥ Getting an awesome massage from a newly discovered (by Karin!) massage therapist in Flyinge; she hit EVERY sore spot just right

♥ Fixing the perfect dinner: Pan-seared salmon with chili-saffron spice, buttered rice, and sauteed snap peas & kohlrabi, with globe artichokes. YUM

♥ Anticipating tomorrow: lunch in Malmö with friends, more shopping, an outing with the kids and a baked potato buffet dinner party!
mood: happy
music: Kings of Convenience—I'd Rather Dance With You


Sounds lovely. Hi Lizardmom!

It WAS! Mom says hi back! :)

How did Karin discover a massage therapist? :)

She saw a notice on the noticeboard at the local hairdresser and called me at home to tell me about it, so I told her to write down the phone and info :)

Go Karin!!

How did you make heart bullets?? Are you magic??

har! I am! :D I'll email you the instructions :)

um, WOW!!

that sounds like the most fantastic day-- ever!!

deelish and deelum and deewonderful!!


Re: um, WOW!!

It could only have been beat by it happening at SOLIDEN!

Well look at you, first you say no post, then you make a list! A good one too.
I liked"Sweater weather" and I wore one today too.
Continue to have a good time with LizardMom.

I was thinking of you when I wrote it. The day was so perfect I HAD to chronicle it!

I'm so glad you did (chronicle it).

I'm thinking that you could get very used to this life :)

Lizardmom, you need to come more often!

And Liz, ENJOY...

You ain't kidding that I could get used to this life! Although I suppose I have to do the working part first in order to have the money for the splurging and the eating out and the ordering of the CDs :)

Getting money? That's what Anders is for! (I'm prepared to be very old fashioned if it means seeing you radiate this joy!)

Heh! I did that for 3 years, I hated it...I LIKE earning money :)

Sounds like you've been having an absolutely delicious week!

It's always lovely when my mom is here!


What fun to have LIZMOM at your place!
Is she going with you to book faire next week?
Will I get to meet her?

Carol in Sweden


She is! In fact, the kids are going, too, so we'll probably drive up separately :)


I"m not sure but I might be with all my guests, Bo and Maya too!


I've given you the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award....(it's like getting tagged in a way!) check it out on my Blog!

Carol in Swedne


Will you come cook for me????

Not sure you'd really appreciate it, I'm not that much of a cook! For instance, tonight we had "garbage pasta" where I just throw whatever is to hand into the pot. The kids grumbled quite a bit, at least Karin did! :D

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