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zird is the word [userpic]
  • Maybe I should try iron supplements. I am soooooooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. Or maybe it's just hibernation time. Whatever. *plops down*

  • I read the BEST book yesterday. Haven Kimmel's The Used World. I can't stop thinking about it and now I want to go back and re-read all the rest of her excellent books.

  • So far, I have not been disappointed in any of the 6 used CDs I ordered a couple of weeks ago on Amazon, except for a few songs on one of them. Considering that, with one exception (not the same one), I bought them all on the basis of liking one song, that's pretty good return on my investment. The CDs, in no particular order:
    • The Devlins — Waves
    • Indigo Girls — Despite Our Differences
    • The Nields — Play
    • Kings of Convenience — Riot on an Empty Street
    • Sugarbomb — Bully
    • Sister Seven — Wrestling Over Tiny Matters

  • The guy who has been interning at work that was my backup during the summer accepted a job with us today! YAY! I have HELP NOW! I am no longer alone!! WAHOO! *celebrates*

  • I need to take some photos while mom is here...someone remind me! I can't forget!!

  • How badly am I craving sushi? VERY BADLY


  • I was thinking it would be funny to scan in and do a post with all of my school photos, starting with kindergarten. What do you think? Too scary? (Shut up, John)

mood: bullety
music: Sister Seven—The Only Thing That's Real


I vote YES on the pictures! Do you have them all?!

I'm not sure...I have to do some digging. But if I do, will YOU?? :D

I already did 4th and 6th grade, remember? ;-) I don't have the others, they're at my mom's house. I would be happy to commit to retrieving them next time I'm up there and posting them, though. Late October? Just in time for Halloween!

Yes, yes on the pictures. We can watch Barky blooming....


Jeez - I would put up some of mine, but wouldn't DARE put up the ones from junior high. Eeeek!

Oh, come on! I double dog dare you! :D

Yes, yes, please do the pictures! I will do mine if I can find them.


Do the pictures, it would be fun!

julia @ kolokolo

Kingergarten up, I say go for it. Me wants to see.

I want to see Lizardek in kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and on up!

Yes to photos, oh yes! And watch out for those iron pills man... they're like crack. :)

As long as it works, crack is fine with me! :P


I've been utterly exhausted this past week too. Got a lovely sinus infection which has turned into bronchitis- want to zap it out of my system now!

What's the book about? I've been needing a really good read lately.

I just got 38 Special on CD. Remember them from ther 80s? It made me soooo happy to get that CD :O)

My husband's "father" from when he was an exchange student in Monterey, ca. is visiting us right now so my computer time is limited, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi! And do post old pics of you- I for one would love to see them!


It's about 3 women in a small Indiana town (some time ago) and how their lives interconnect. It's about love and loss and friendship. It's about birth and death and commitments.

We were looking through photo albums for the pics today, and alas, I only have mom is going to have to do some hunting when she gets home, so the project is delayed a bit, unfortunately.


Yes on the pictures!

Funny thing about Haven Kimmel - I adore her memoirs, but have only been able to make it through ONE of her novels. I want to like them, I want to read them, but they just get stuck in first gear (at least in my brain) and I can't slog through them. The one I did read I did it out of loyalty to her, because I keep thinking, "I like this author! She's such a neat PERSON!"

Am I weird or what?

:) Sam

No, you're not weird at all. I actually think that I liked this one the best of all her novels. Maybe you should try this one and see if it goes any better! I also thought The Solace of Leaving Early was hard to get into, but I loved it by the end. This one grabs you quicker from the beginning, I think.


Hey Liz,
actually, I would love to see the photos!!!
Triple dog dare ya!
Please just dont post any of mine...

reminder - Take pictures of Mom... Important...

Heading to meet up with Anders today, looking forward to it.

Unkie Johnnie

Re: Photos...

Actually, I have a couple of yours that are SOOOO CUTE I may not be able to resist! :P


I just had to tell you that you have infected my mind! I had a dream last night where I visited you and your family in Sweden. It was with my ex-husband, which was weird, but never the less, you're in my subconscious now!


Heh! It's part of my master plan for world domination! :D

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