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Mom and I started scouring photo albums yesterday, to collect all my old school photos, and I'm afraid the school-photo-project is going to have to wait a while...turns out of the 13 years I was in public school (K-12)...I only have FOUR of them. How did that happen? I can't even find my senior picture and I have a bleached spot in a photo album where it once resided...what the heck happened to it? Why would I have removed it and then never returned it to its spot?? Very strange.

So, now mom has to hunt them down at HER house after she returns and then MAIL them all to me, because she doesn't have a scanner OR a digital camera. Sorry to get all your (and my!) hopes up for a funny post, but hopefully the anticipation will make the wait worthwhile. Heh.

Tomorrow morning we are getting up at the crack of dawn and driving to Gothenburg for the biggest book fair in the Nordics, along with several other women from the AWC. Both of us are taking empty backpacks....and copies of my 5-page single-spaced books-to-buy list. The kids are spending the night tonight and the day tomorrow with Anders' parents because...strangely enough, they DIDN'T WANT TO GO. To a book fair. Who'da thunkit?

Anders is still in Italy, but my brother and his wife are there visiting him, so they'll be hiking or biking all weekend, so he won't be missing us too much, I suspect. :)

Then, Sunday, we are going to the pumpkin patch to get our Halloween pumpkins. I have not seen an actual sugar beet on the side of the road, but today there was a sugar beet TRUCK on the side of the road so that counts, and it's now officially AUTUMN. Plus, there were pumpkins in our local grocery store, so that clinches it. After the pumpkin patch we are going to a huge art & handicrafts fair with over 70 booths...busy! busy! O! the busy!

What are you doing this weekend? Are you doing the busy, too?

Beautiful Bibliophiliac Belated Birthday Wishes to sealwhiskers!
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