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Even though I decorate my home with a peaceful palette of pale greens and tend to wear black and chocolate brown and other dark and dusty colors like forest green and eggplant purple, it's orange that is my favorite color. Orange with its bright unexpected blast of color, orange that brightens a day immediately like an adrenaline shot of sunshine, orange that makes you smile and lifts your mood and shines out with a reverberating vibe of energy.

It's the color of pumpkins and Japanese lanterns and clementines and salmon nigiri. It's tiger halves and tabby cats, tiger lilies, monarch butterflies and koi. It's redheads and marigolds, late summer poppies and autumn leaves and bonfire flames.

Orange you glad you stopped by?

Good things should never end: Unlimited Orange

Things to do with orange: Collecting Orange Things

What You Get When You Search Flickr for: Orange

Orange Art/Photography: All things Orange

Cracking Me Up: How My Kids Spent Saturday Night
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I haven't see any pumpkins at the local groceries. I sure hope they get some, not only for Jack-o-Lanterns, but also pumpkin soup!

I just started seeing them this week, so keep your eyes peeled! (urgh, that's such an awful expression if you stop to think about it!)

Orange you glad I'm your friend?

You're a nut! Welcome. I like your post about orange. And I like Martin's polka dot hat.

Re: Orange you glad I'm your friend?

Ha! Martin's hat is actually a LADYBUG! (it has eyes on the back of it :)

Re: Orange you glad I'm your friend?

I thought it looked lady bug~ish.

I LOVE orange as well. I thought I was the only one who did as most of my friends turn up their noses when I look at orange clothes. Luckily it is a great colour on me and I have a big collection of orange jumpers, shirts, scarves, hats etc. I get a few stares in Sweden as I waltz through the winter in an orange jacket while everyone else is in one of the 92,678 shades of black they sell here.

Long live orange!

Those pumpkins look fabulous. I have just the thing to go with them - I'll pop it in the post in the morning (don't worry - it's not Vegemite this time, I'm down to my last jar....)

Your last jar! Deprivation on the horizon! ON NO MR BILL!

I really really wish I could wear orange clothes (or yellow, for that matter), but unfortunately my coloring does not agree. I DID buy an orange sleeveless t-shirt dress once just because I had to have it (wore it with a white shirt and a scarf and got away with it), but I sadly don't have anything in my favorite shade to wear these days.

I have a real "spring" colouring, with very fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, so clear, bright colours always suit me. My best colours are blue (almost any shade), yellow, orange and lime green.

I'd love to be able to wear white, but deep cream is as close as I can go without looking ill. I use that fluffy, white accessory in my user pic now instead.

No worries about the Vegemite. I'll get some more from the English Shop next month when I'm up in Stockholm again.

You gotta love the Dutch then... ;-)

You bet I do! :D

I love orange, too. It's Just! So! Cheerful! I mean come on. How could anybody not love orange?

Thanks for the good links! I read every one of them. Linkage!

I need an orange icon.

If that's your orange icon, I LOVE IT! I must visit that pumpkin carving site and do one of my own! :D


Those kids are just too cute. Maybe that's why they invaded my dreams? PS - coming soon ... I've pulled the photo for the double dog dare!



Don't say I never take on a dare.



I like orange too, especially this time of year. And I've become a recent fan of carrot tops now that we've added one to the family!!

To add to your list, I'd also recommend How About Orange - a design blog written by a major orange advocate : (Full disclosure, I read her a lot and she actually just linked to kolokolo on Friday. But I would recommend her anyway because of the theme!)

julia @ kolokolo

Oooh, linkage! thanks! I'll check it out :)

So nice to share a favorite color with you! Right now, I'm sitting at my desk in an orange sweatshirt with my orange cappuccino mug and a little pot of orange flowers wrapped with an orange bow (a surprise pick-me-up gift from my husband... who knows how I need orange to breathe). It's not easy to find orange pumpkins here, though, so thanks for the pictures! They give me those delightful autumn tingles.

It's always a little kick with orange, in a GOOD way :) And how nice for your husband to give you flowers! I shall have to have a little talk with MINE :P

oh yes!

me too, me too!

not to mention orange = sexuality and creativity (per chakra info)

and when you put it next to blue .. oh heaven

bisous, bp

orange love

I've got a recipe for orange chicken that will fit this orange obsession. Take a peek and enjoy!

Re: orange love

Oooh!! thanks!

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