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WHY do I have to tear up or cry when I get REALLY mad?! I'm so pissed at work right now I could scream.
mood: angry
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eek, what happened? *hug*

I do the same thing. Hope it works out okay! *hug*

I do that too. And then it makes me madder and then I tear up more and then I get even madder and then....well, you know how it goes! I hope things get better. ((hugs))

yipes . . hope things get better *hugs*

i think many people cry when they're angry . . i know i do

Ahh... stress
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My first reaction is usually to stuff my face with sweet cakes then feel violenntly ill. Why do we punish OURSELVES when it is some other idiot who needs to be dealt with by the business end of a broom?


Hope it works out for you.


I do the same thing. It is SO frustrating because then half the time people percieve it as an admission of being wrong when it's just a confirmation that I am mad as hell!

I am sorry you are having a bad day!


God, I HATE that when it happens, because it gives others the opportunity make some smug observation about female instability and hysteria, when it's just an escape valve for the strong desire to pound somebody (or bodies) into mush.

Well, he didn't say that or anything about it for that matter, although I could tell he was uncomfortable because of it, but I was thinking it myself and making myself even more furious!! ARGH!

Oh god, me too, so much and I hate it. Terrible at work :) Don't worry, you're not alone!!

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