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  • 2 weeks is too long for my husband to be gone.

  • 3 weeks is not long enough for my mom to visit.

  • The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas blew the top of my head off yesterday. Note to self: wear hats.

  • Went to see Mamma Mia! tonight. Pierce Brosnan doesn't look comfortable singing, and Meryl Streep kind of weirded me out. Best part: the boys in the swim flippers dancing on the pier.

  • I think I'll double that 20-clove garlic chicken recipe for the dinner party on Friday night.

  • Marie!! Thank you for the pumpkin carving set and the stencils! The kids have already picked theirs out.

  • I didn't really like or get Facebook at first, but it sure is a quick and easy way to hunt and find old friends. Too bad so many of my old friends don't seem to be online (yet), though.

  • Rée...AAAGH. I was gonna send you some more soup, but now I dont know what to do.

  • Thank goodness the lower back pain I've been plagued with all this last week seems to be subsiding. Though I am halfway convinced it's time to replace the mattress.

  • I should have bought that horse vase at the art fair on Sunday. The memory of its eyes is still haunting me.

  • Dark-chocolate-covered rhubarb is really yummy, but actually tastes pretty much the same as chocolate-covered raisins, which I already love, so even though they're good, I'm a little disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting, come to think of it.

  • Some of the trees have gone off like red rockets around here. LOVE!

  • The black branch spots on birches look exactly like eyes.

  • Hoo! Barely made the cut off for the all-important and very elusive 1st of October post. Go me!
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40 clove garlic chicken?? I gotta hear about this!

If the mattress is bad, it is probably better when you are the only one on it. Two people on a bad mattress usually make you fall into the middle or something that your back doesn't like.

I'm so glad we replaced ours. I have ours in the other bedroom and slept on it the other night. I woke up with a backache! So it really made a big difference!

Ya wana be friends on facebook? I'm Nancy V. Sont

I'll post the recipe as soon as I get a chance. Normally it's only 20 cloves (or so), but since I'm doubling it...look out, baby! And my husband gets home that evening so he's in for a, surprise. :D Good thing I have cinnamon toothpaste to help out!

And sure :) You can find me on facebook on the link posted to the right on my LJ.

You should have seen the boys in flippers in the play! It was even better!!
I like your list.

*posted on Oct 1st*

I REALLY wanted to see the play. It's actually showing here this fall/winter, but tickets were so expensive we couldn't swing it, and they disappeared SO FAST! :(

Yes, the cheap tickets here were $35 and I started saving as soon as I knew the play was coming to town. Then I was positioned to buy tickets as soon as they went on sale. And good thing too, becausse the "cheap" tickets sold out pretty quickly.
Too bad you had to miss it. It was quite fun.

Ha, ha! I thought of you guys the minute I saw them and snapped it up. I've been saving it up for closer to Halloween and your pumpkin post was the trigger that made me remember. Enjoy!

I second the call for a recipe - I love to read about different things people cook. And have a dinner party this month that may call for a chicken dish. I'm betting 40 cloves of garlic will scare the Swedes :)

I saw that you wrote "Wow!" on your review of the book on Virtual Bookshelf and took a look at the book. Would I need to read the first one before it, do you think?

And yes, you should have got that vase. I've been in that spot myself a few times and always regretted not getting the item. Years later....

Well, I'd already bought a couple of things, and it was 600 kronor...but I did take her card and her studio is nearby, so... :) Maybe an Xmas present for myself :)

And no, you don't have to read Popco to enjoy Mr. Y, they're not related stories. Though Popco is good as well.

ah yes--

that all important Oct 1st post-- god knows it just can't be missed.



Re: ah yes--

Heh! Good thing you were there to motivate me. I might have missed it otherwise!


I too want to know about the garlic chicken recipe - do you really hate your friends that much? And I also want to know - a horse vase? Finally, I hang with lots of college kids, so Facebook rocks! If you want to be my friend, send an email to ILoveLawrence@gmail and I'll give you my user name.

- Heather


Nevermind - I just added you as a friend via your link.

hahah! They love that dish, too! I've served it before. Everyone raves about it, and it's really easy. :) I'll post it tonight if I get around to it.

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