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First things first: 20-Clove Garlic Chicken

7-8 chicken filets
Chicken bouillion cube
4 dl light or regular crème fraîche (mmmm...crème fraîche!)
5 dl whipping cream
1 jar of herb-marinated garlic cloves
soy sauce

Sauté the chicken filets until cooked through, then lower the heat, add water and bouillion cube. Simmer 40 minutes with lid on low heat. Let the chicken cool slightly, enough to slice the chicken filets into 1-inch thick slices. Add the chicken and broth to a large pot. Pour in the crème fraîche and whipping cream and the jar of garlic cloves (with the marinade liquid) and stir. Add salt and pepper and soy sauce to taste. Keep on low heat until warmed through, don't let it boil. Serve over rice if you want the rice to soak up the yummy sauce or with noodles or potatoes. Serves 4-5 people, but warning! People LOVE this dish and take seconds and thirds. If you want leftovers (and you will, double or 1-and-half the recipe)

Most of the time, when we have visitors or even when we are traveling, for some reason, we find it hard to remember to take photos. All week my mom has been saying, "Where's the camera?" "We have to get the camera out!" and then we get distracted and forget again. But! Tonight, I got out the camera not realizing that actually remembering to get the camera out is the EASY part. Getting one of the sitters to stop TALKING and one to stop STICKING OUT his tongue and one to stop MAKING STUPID FACES is the hard part. In practically every photo, someone's eyes are closed or someone's got their hand across their face or someone else has their mouth open because they were TALKING. Portrait photographers don't get paid enough, is my conclusion. My mother says paybacks are hell.

The only "good" shot from the whole shoot


Cracking Me Up 'Til it Hurts: Just the last bit and then READ THE COMMENTS

Also, DON'T VOTE! (thanks to Marilyn for the link!)
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music: Mom and me giggling madly


Good grief - did your husband contribute ANY genes towards the creation of your children! They are the spitting image of your mother! Rock on Self Seeding Females of the world!

Haha! Actually, Martin looks very much like my dad's dad and me. Karin is more a mix, although when Martin and Karin are side by side they really look alike. :)

Looks like a hilarity photo shoot.
Hey, thanks for the links. Both were great.

I actually had to rest my head on the desk from the weight of all the laughter!

Love the pictures. Your Mom looks so great - so fun and kind.

My mom's the greatest :)

Great pics!

Thank you for the recipe! Sounds yum. I have a question....can you freeze it? I'm not sure I can wait for me to have guests in order to make it. I suppose I could half the recipe...hmmmm...

Well, we've frozen leftovers at least, so it ought to be fine :) Or yes, you could definitely halve the recipe!

The cracking-up photos are the best! (That's the kind we filled our wedding photo album with -- by far the most fun memories to look back on.)
Oh! And the alittlepregnant link? I've been laughing out loud for the last five minutes. That's hilarious!

They are totally the best photos! :D

Thanks for the recipe - I've saved it and will make it next weekend for some friends. Sounds lovely!

You mother has the most wonderful smile! She smiles with her whole body. Will she adopt me, do you think?

She said, "All my kids are adopted."


So cute :)


Oh, I love the series shots together! It tells a sweet and funny story. Individually they are good, but together it's wonderful! You should buy a frame that is divided into 4 parts and hang it that way. :O)

I love that your family likes to be whacky together!!!

Cousin Kathryn

Mom was telling me I couldn't post them, but how could I not? Paybacks are hell!

Wonderful pictures! Great to see the genetic pool in action! Peas in a pod.

Too bad my dad isn't alive to show you all how much my son looks like HIM! :D


OMG those links are great - especially the ice cream one. And I've finally figured out who Martin reminds me of - the kid in Love Actually.


Which kid?? None of the actors on the IMDB listing have photos.

probably the best grandma/grandkid combo in thew world! :-)

I agree! :D

What great photos!

Gosh Liz....I thought Karin looked liked your mom when I met her at Göteborg...but I can REALLY see it now in these photos! What beauties! Smiles ear to ear! Martin so CUTIE! is one of my favs too...not that I'd admit it. Once a friend noted that the common color in all of my paintings at my Long Beach apartment was orange! I hadn't noticed's a HAPPY Energetic color!

more later..time for bedtime stories
Carol in Sweden

Re: What great photos!

Why wouldn't you admit it?? Orange is AWESOME!

Bwahahahaha! Those ice cream flavor names had me in stitches!

I had to put my head down on the desk and let the tears run!

Those look like most of our family photos. haha

Hey, I tried your recipe tonight! I forgot to put the bouillion mixture in when I mixed everything together though. *doh!* I thought it tasted good anyhow, but Robert said something in it reminded him of fish (and he hates fish). Maybe all the years of smoking seriously screwed his taste buds because it certainly didn't taste like fish to me and very much tasted like chicken. haha But is the sauce supposed to be very soupy? I wasn't sure if it should be like that or if I was supposed to let it cook longer and thicken up or something.

Not super soupy...did you use lätt vispgrädde? Because that might have made it soupier.

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