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First things first: 20-Clove Garlic Chicken

7-8 chicken filets
Chicken bouillion cube
4 dl light or regular crème fraîche (mmmm...crème fraîche!)
5 dl whipping cream
1 jar of herb-marinated garlic cloves
soy sauce

Sauté the chicken filets until cooked through, then lower the heat, add water and bouillion cube. Simmer 40 minutes with lid on low heat. Let the chicken cool slightly, enough to slice the chicken filets into 1-inch thick slices. Add the chicken and broth to a large pot. Pour in the crème fraîche and whipping cream and the jar of garlic cloves (with the marinade liquid) and stir. Add salt and pepper and soy sauce to taste. Keep on low heat until warmed through, don't let it boil. Serve over rice if you want the rice to soak up the yummy sauce or with noodles or potatoes. Serves 4-5 people, but warning! People LOVE this dish and take seconds and thirds. If you want leftovers (and you will, double or 1-and-half the recipe)

Most of the time, when we have visitors or even when we are traveling, for some reason, we find it hard to remember to take photos. All week my mom has been saying, "Where's the camera?" "We have to get the camera out!" and then we get distracted and forget again. But! Tonight, I got out the camera not realizing that actually remembering to get the camera out is the EASY part. Getting one of the sitters to stop TALKING and one to stop STICKING OUT his tongue and one to stop MAKING STUPID FACES is the hard part. In practically every photo, someone's eyes are closed or someone's got their hand across their face or someone else has their mouth open because they were TALKING. Portrait photographers don't get paid enough, is my conclusion. My mother says paybacks are hell.

The only "good" shot from the whole shoot


Cracking Me Up 'Til it Hurts: Just the last bit and then READ THE COMMENTS

Also, DON'T VOTE! (thanks to Marilyn for the link!)
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