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I'm feeling a little helpless about one of our fish right now. He smacked into the side of the tank a few days ago during a spazz-out zoom-around-the-tank fit and ever since he's been sitting down on the bottom of the tank. He can get about, but he's mostly just holding still and sometimes he's on his side and almost upside-down although he seems to be managing to stay upright most of the time. I don't think he's dying, but he's definitely injured and from the research I've been doing tonight on the web, it sounds like it's his swim bladder that is damaged.

I can't tell if he is managing to eat or if he needs to get to the top of the tank for air, though I don't think so; he's a good-sized Siamese Algae Eater (not a pleco) and quite a nice fish (we have two and they're well-behaved in the tank, minding their own business and doing their job). Most of the sites I found said that some swim bladder injuries will heal and some won't, so I guess I just wait it out and see if he either recovers or dies, but I sure wish there was something I could do. :(

Where's an emergency piscine pet vet when you need one?
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Poor little dude.

Thanks. I know he's just a fish, but I do feel bad about it.


I sent her a separate mail, but she couldn't help :( Seems like it's just a matter of waiting it out.

Hope the little guy recovers.

aw thanks :) I know he's just a fish, but I'm responsible for his well-being...he's MY fish.


Wow what a sad co-inky dink!!! I have one right now with a swim bladder injury too. :( I do not know what to do with him, but I am pretty sure mine is not going to make it, as he has not been eating. :(


Urgh. Still the same here...he's upright, but on the bottom, and not moving much. He reacts when I come and peer at him, but I still haven't been able to tell if he's actually eating anything.


I think my little guy is not going to make it although not for lack of trying, he eats and then promptly spits it back out. He is getting skinnier by the day. He struggles to get to the top. :( I just keep hoping..... And the kids are closely watching.


Mine hasn't been to the top since it happened, but I don't know if he needs to...he's not the kind of fish that top feeds or anything and we do have a good filter that keeps air circulating, so hopefully that is helping.

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