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People are sick at work but they keep coming anyway: DAMNED PLAGUE CARRIERS

I had an apocalyptic dream last night that involved flame-filled streaming storm clouds, a huge, beautiful old wooden house full of lovely things that we were desperately hoping wouldn't catch on fire, and only Bluepoppy and I and 2 of her dogs to keep the worst from happening. I woke up rather frantic. But later X's song Burning House of Love would not stop chorusing in my head. Heh.

Have found out that next year's work trip to the Boston area might not be in April, but more likely in September. BP! ALERT! Will there be a SAW 2: Electric Boogaloo? And if so, how can I influence the choice of dates to work out in my favor??? No wonder I was dreaming about you.

I heart Laini who says all the things I am thinking in a much more articulate and cohesive and persuasive way than I ever could.

I miss my mom.

My fish is not better, but he is at least not worse. He swims like he is drunk and can't stay upright all the time and keeps getting stuck in crevasses but he seems to be hanging in there.

Having never been drunk in my life, I am not really sure what it feels like, but if the dizzy swaying feeling of luurve I get looking at the trees in all their autumnal glory is anything close, I can understand a bit better why people like to be in that state.

Sensitive tooth = sneaking suspicion of cavity = dentist appointment tomorrow = dread

We are picking up a loaner cat in 3 days!

I had to move offices a couple of weeks ago, and while my new one is only across the hall and over on the other side of the building, and MUCH bigger (I am not an executive but I play one on TV), I'm not as happy with it as I was with my old one. You would think the opposite would be the case, because the windows/door of my old one were right across from the little hallway which houses the bathrooms and the cleaning closet, so there was a fair bit of traffic outside my door. However my new place is right next to a meeting room, right in front of a big open space and much too close to the stairwell. People stand and talk outside my office ALL THE TIME. Loudly. They stand by the stairs and talk. They stand in front of the meeting room door and talk. They talk in the meeting room with the door open. I could close the door of my office but after 15 minutes I feel like I'm stifling. After 1 week, I put up a sign next to the stairs that said in big red letters, "THIS IS NOT A MEETING ROOM. Please do not stand here and talk, you are disturbing people in the offices around you." A day later someone took it down when I wasn't in my office. My question to you: do I print out the sign and put it up again? And keep reposting it if it's removed once more? Or learn to live with my door shut? ARGH.

Really Clever: Noteboek

That is all.
mood: tired
music: The Daddies—Shake Your Lovemaker


Ha, ha! I just had to do a quick check and see if your stolen sign ended up on Arga Lappen. I'll be waiting :)

And you better watch that cat. I've heard that they are pretty smart!

And judging by the spam amount of comments in one of my entries, Burning House of Love is not the only song chorusing in your head.

My head is FULL of music! No thanks to YOU.

And thanks for the excellent links!

What can I say, Liz?

I write the posts that make the whole world sing.
I write the posts of love and special things.
I write the posts that make poor Liz cry.
I write the posts, I write the posts.

HAHAHA! Back to Barry! It all comes back to Barry!

You're obsessed woman! Barry didn't write that. It was written by Bruce Johnston.

Whatever, Barry sang it!

He wasn't the only one! And not even the first.

That's it.


Mmmm....Barry! HAHAHAA

I notice you didn't deny it :)

Deny The Barry? Are you mad? There's no denying The Barry!

Better get your order in quick for a Barry Merry Christmas :)

Keep printing the sign and posting it. Then get one of those air horn things and use it whenever anyone talks out there. Kind of like using a water spray bottle on the cats - it doesn't hurt them but they just hate it and they stop bugging you at 4 a.m.

HAHA! I think I'll just use the squirt bottle idea. My daughter has one of those super soakers. That ought to do the job! >:P


OH NO!!!! NOT September! I am scheduled to be gone for that trip to Canada and Greenland. Although it's the 13th to the 23rd - that doesn't include the driving days and time in Ottawa which will add at least 5-6 days or more. Try another month! Although I know you would really like to go to Squam! Love, Lizardmom

I might not have a choice!!! :(


Well then, maybe you can send me in your place, Lizardmom, and I will get to see the beautiful colors and the dogs and the mountains. :)
I have no suggestions on the workers talking other than put the sign back up, but I think it wll do no good.

How do you deal with a playground bully?
When the bully is an adult?
And you are the victim.


Oh and my fish did not make it he gave up two days ago. :(

Dang :( Mine isn't looking superhealthy or anything and he's obviously stressed. I don't expect he'll last that long, but I guess I'll just have to think positive.

Are you dealing with a playground bully?? In your job? Hrm. Can you talk to your boss? Otherwise, get in his (her?) grill and tell her to cut it the f**k out and grow up.


BP Alert!!! September? Lizardek at Squam? How cool!!!!


Keep your fingers crossed that my work trip dates will work out!! :)

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