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Today was all about good things, right up until about 20 minutes ago.

The worst of the week is over and I seem to be not only still standing, but still in a good mood. The dentist visit today was relatively painless despite having to patch a damaged filling and I hit the bookstore on the way to eat lunch at a good sushi place and picked up several new books that have been on my wish list for awhile.

I had a good day at work, got a lot done on a big project I'm up to my elbows in, right up until I left for the dentist and then again when I returned to work after it, even though I worked late, partly to make up for the couple of hours I was gone and partly because I had book group in Lund tonight and figured it was easier just to stay and work rather than driving home just to turn around and drive right back. Just before I went down to the canteen to get something out of the vending machine for dinner, the receptionist came up with 2 sushi boxes and asked me if I wanted was a sample test from a new supplier they're trying out for the lunch sushi. More sushi? For free? Who am I to deny the will of the gods??

Then I went to book group, which was lovely as usual, even though I had read the book (Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl) about a year and a half ago when I first recommended it and it wasn't chosen until THIS year. It made for a good discussion, which I expected. Janet had a yummy chocolate pound cake with mashed raspberries and whipped cream for fika and we sat and talked for a bit, then I called and checked on the kids who were putting themselves in the bath and getting ready for bed: their first time home alone in the evening for a couple of hours (Anders had to leave for a hockey-bockey game before I got home).

Then one of the women who has been in the States for a couple of months came over and handed me a little package and told me it was a present. I was so surprised and asked her what it was for, and she answered, "For all you do. You're so nice and do so much for everyone and when I saw this, I just had to get it for you." !! Wasn't that kind?! This is what she gave me:

Leather moose

Isn't he adorable? She found him in a little boutique in Colorado, he's handmade from a single piece of stiffened leather and is only about 3 inches high.

So then I went home full of good feeling and when I got home, both the kids were bathed and brushed and in pajamas ready for bed. So I got them popped in and then went to turn on the computer and check emails and the computer said, BORKED. And would not start. And gave me the blue screen of death and then the black screen of eternal damnation. Rebooting did not help. AAAGH. Hopefully Anders will know what to do, because AAAAGH!
mood: hopeful
music: Johnny Clegg—Amakhosi


Oh no! about the computer and wow, what a cool moose. Good enough to eat.


The moose is adorable! Glad you had such a day of gifts! Maybe the computer is just giving you a break so you can enjoy something else for a change! :0 Love, Lizardmom

It could have waited until I finalized the AWC directory that needs to go to print on Monday :(

Cute moose! I love days that include lots of free stuff and a healthy dose of the happy. You computer is a jerk for crapping on your good day.

I'm going to really struggle if it's dead. ALL MY FILES. MY LIFE!! AAGH.


Love the moose. Am terribly envious that lunch sushi exists - our catered lunches consist of chicken (or pork) schnitzel, fried cheese, fried chicken livers, with a healthy option of grated apple over iceberg lettuce. Ahh central europe.

Good luck with the computer!

julia @ kolo

I put it in the suggestion box when I first started working here...there are a couple of sushi restaurants in town that started this lunch catering service a few years ago. They supply a fridge and bring fresh sushi each morning, and take away any that wasn't eaten the day before.

Uggg..that is so frustrating when that happens. I'm hoping my laptop will live a few more years.


I love the moose and that you had a good day, at least for a while, but it leaves me wondering - how did you post if the computer was dead?


Work laptop, thank god :)

That sounds like a great day! Hope your computer's not dead.

Me, too :( I have my work laptop at home so I can at least check emails but all my files!! And all my AWC stuff that needs to be done. AAAGH

Yay about all those good things (yum sushi) and BOO about the nasty computer.
I tried, unsuccessfully, to get some veggie sushi for the train ride and am still longing for it. hhmm. I think I know where I'm going tomorrow.

Oh no, Liz! I hope Anders can revive the machine and that you at least have a backup copy of anything vital.

That moose is gorgeous! I bet Anders is thrilled to have him in the house. LOL. I saw a pair of teenage moose on the edge of the forest here the other day and I stopped and watched them for a while. They really are beautiful animals.

How fun! I wish there were more moose around here. I've never seen one outside a zoo in my entire time in Sweden...though my husband and friends say you don't WANT to see one as usually it means you are running into it with your car (!)

I have backups of some things but not the very important file I needed to finalize this weekend. AAAGH. :(

Here's the only picture we snapped of it. One was very shy and stayed close to the trees. This one ventured out into the open field, but was very wary and went back to it's sibling after a short time. No sign of mum and dad, though.

I hope you can get the computer working. I've had L-G's son save our bacon once or twice in such a situation. And isn't it always something you need RIGHT NOW!

Can you send him down to us? I have a really bad feeling about this :(

I mean L-G's son, not the teenage moose! I like his white pants (this time I mean the moose, not L-G's son)

That black screen of eternal damnation is a doozy. We've had a few of those in our house lately (one took with it an entire folder of vacation photos that I [mistakenly] thought I had backed up elsewhere... boo), and I feel for ya. "BORKED" made me laugh though. :)

I'm biting my nails to see if Anders can figure it out tomorrow. I have the entire AWC directory to finalize and take to print on Monday and I only have this weekend and the files are on that PC...AAGH!

holy wow! i thought the phrase "blue screen of death" was just something my college friends made up!

Horribly, no. :(

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