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Anders spent the morning and part of the afternoon taking our computer apart and trying various things to figure out what is wrong with it and his best-guess diagnosis is that the motherboard has gone bad (last seen hanging out at pool halls, leaning up against the alley wall with a handrolled hanging from its lower lip and a sullen expression on its face) and doesn't even recognize the drives or startup process. Which is at least comforting in the fact that our files are probably okay...we just can't ACCESS them. Because the PC is leased through Tetra Pak, it's still covered by their service warranty, so he called the support line and got a case number and they will call to arrange a time to pick up the PC and bring it for repairs, but they couldn't give him a timeline since they don't know exactly what the problem is.

All of which means we'll be home-PC-less for several more days, most likely a week, though hopefully not longer. Thank goodness i have this here work laptop and a wireless connection or I'd be climbing the walls and ripping out my hair completely. I suppose there is never a GOOD time for something like this to happen to someone like me who spends so much time working & playing on the computer, but the timing could certainly have been better since I was planning on making the final adjustments to the printed version of the AWC directory and sending it to print on Monday in order to be ready for our upcoming monthly meeting. It will be the first time in 11 years that I haven't met the deadline. ARGH.

In other news, we have a cat for the week. His name is Doc (short for Doc Holliday) and he's a huge, lovely orange-stripey Siberian. Please keep your fingers crossed and/or thumbs held that things go well and that Anders doesn't react to him, so we can consider the next step in possibly putting our names in the queue for a kitten some day! He's currently hiding out in Hanna's favorite place under Karin's bed. Hopefully he'll come out and socialize soon once he gets used to the surroundings.

It's a quiet rainy Saturday with nothing planned, so I think I shall go take advantage of it and finish my book while the laundry is drying.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you were giving up all the AWC stuff at least three years ago! Maybe this is a reminder call....

And I know the real reason you got the cat. So sprung.

No, I never gave up "all" the AWC stuff...but I did relinquish my editor position for a year, 3 years ago. But I took it back, under some changed conditions, and it's been much better since. The directory isn't part of the editor job, it's just something I volunteered to do and actually like doing even though it's a crazy lot of work.

And did you KNOW abou the cat? They're WHIZZES at crosswords!

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