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I've never had or really even been around such a FLUFFY cat before. All of our/my cats have been either Siamese, tabby or black-and-white shorthairs. Doc's tail is nearly as big as he is and it's easily as big as my huge feather duster. He sleeps a great deal of the day as cats are wont to do, burrowing under the covers in one or the other of the kids' beds and is up in the evening wanting to play. He's quite friendly and doesn't seem to be disturbed by any of these strange people he suddenly finds himself amongst, having apparently had some prior experience as a loaner cat for allergic people who are testing Siberians. The only thing so far that has ruffled his aplomb was the vacuum cleaner, and he wasn't at all interested in checking out the porch this afternoon. In all fairness, it was COLD and the wind was rattling the leaves in all the bushes and trees out back. It's too bad his owner was so upfront about the fact that he is not for sale as I could easily see us falling on love with this big orange fluffmonster and, assuming all goes well, and Anders and I don't have any adverse reactions, keeping him forever.

Doc Holliday

Doc lying down

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Wow, he really has the whole loo brush tail thing going. He's just lovely and I know that I'd never be able to give him back. I'm really hoping this turns out well for all of you - we don't want a catastrophe.

He's really purrfectly beautiful! If only he would get out of Martin's bed (it's a loft up high, very appealing to cats!) and Karin's bed (bunk bed, same thing) and go bother Anders some more :)

what a beauty!

He's a perfect love :)

My Zola cat has the same tail-- almost as long as her body. "Zola Begola And Her Extra-Long, Super-Strong, Most Magnificent Tail", yep.

Love to Doc-- what a sweetie.

Ha! I love that Extra-Long Zola name! :D

He's just gorgeous, and a decided attitude, I can see that.

Hello Doc! I'm SO happy to meet you, because Mrs. Ek has been wanting a little furry thing to cuddle for so long, and I bet the kids are loving having you around. I hope the noses see their way clear to stay calm and breathe easy.

oh my, what a handsome cat!

He's gorgeous! I love orange cats.

Oh my he's handsome.
(I wrote this and then saw that someone had written nearly the very same words. Oh well.)

Well, he IS! So it's okay :)


What a tail! It looks like the perfect built in warmer for cold Siberian nights. I love orange cats too - when we were children we had a series of them, all named Fred-the-. He'd either be Fred-the-Great or Fred-the-Fluffy for sure.

julia @ kolo

A series of "Fred's-the" !! that's awesome!


(and today your "Pet the kitty" button has extra meaning)

Holding thumbs for allergy symptoms to be non-existent!

So far, so good!!

Good luck!!

Kitty! I hope it works out for you guys. As others have commented, Doc has a great squirrel-like tail. I just want to grab him and dust my bookshelf. :-)

My daughter was just telling someone that she wanted an orange kitty. I'll have to show her these pictures later.

I've been wanting to dust with him, too. He's already dusted under the beds! :D

This seemed appropriate

Re: This seemed appropriate

It certainly is! He's full of it, but very sweet, and very talkative tonight!

He's just loverly. I am so excited you guys might get a cat. While not dogs (shh! Cat lovers don't hate me please!) cat's are pretty darn cool. I have a cat that is brilliant and funny and is by far smarter than any dog I've ever known.

Will you be getting a kitten? Maybe? Or a full grown cat?

If and it's still a BIG IF, we get a cat it will probably be a kitten, though I'm not at all adverse to getting an older cat. But in Sweden you usually go through breeders to get pets like this (especially such a specialized breed), so getting a kitten is much more likely.


Very little to say that nobody else has said, so we'll keep all 16 paws in my household crossed that you get a new furry friend soon!


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