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What can I say? I feel like a fool for getting my (our) hopes up about the cat. Anders is reacting now, after 5 days, and truth be told, so am I, though in a very minor way. I had some correspondence with the breeder and she did make me feel slightly better by telling me that she had some other customers react to Doc as well, who then DIDN'T react to a different Siberian, and that it can be very much the allergens borne by any indivdual cat...but we can't test every cat in Sweden, especially since it's hard enough to find this breed to begin with and on top of that to find someone willing to loan a cat for a week to complete strangers. Doc is a total SWEETHEART of a cat and it will not be easy to take him home and turn him over to his owners again on Saturday.

So, yeah, things not going well on the cat front.

The fish with the swim bladder damage is stll hanging in there, though he's losing ground and looking rather ragged. He can't get off the bottom of the tank, he's mostly upside-down which is scraping off his scales and he has damage to the edges of his fins and tail fin. On top of it, he can only manage to wiggle forward, which ends up with him nose first in crevices that he can't back out of. Maybe it would be kinder to just flush him, but I can't bring myself to do it. :(

So, yeah, things not going well on the fish front.
Edited to add: He gave up the ghost yesterday. :(

We managed to salvage our files ourselves onto an external hard disk and the PC is in for repairs. The support team picked it up on Tuesday evening but we haven't heard a thing yet about what is wrong, or how long it will take or when we can expect it back. I still haven't been able to finish the directory whose deadline is now a memory. And we discovered that the Bank ID file that drives our internet banking login didn't make it onto the external hard drive so Anders had to run to the bank today to pick up a temporary code so that we can pay bills and the mortgage this month.

So, yeah, things not going well on the computer front.

This week has been crazy busy, though work was pretty calm up until today. I'm going out for sushi tomorrow sans family since the kids have a disco to attend (disco! in elementary school!) and Saturday after the cat-drop-off, we're going to dinner with good friends (who, ironically, have a cat that makes BOTH of us react like crazy within 30 minutes...sigh) and at some point during the weekend we must carve pumpkins, deliver trick-or-treating invitations to the neighborhood, and finalize Halloween costumes.

My costume is so simple yet so hilarious that I get the giggles every time I think about it, though only Swedes or people living in Sweden will get the joke, I suspect. Karin wants to be a surfer and has a huge sheet of cardboard to make a surfboard from this weekend. Martin is still undecided but has been given notice that a decision must be made by Sunday and that the costume has to be makeable with material already existing in the house and require no sewing. Anders, I expect, will skip the costume thing entirely this year. There are already 103 people signed up for the AWC Halloween party and huge bags of American Halloween candy have been ported over courtesy of some accommodating traveling colleagues, so we are good to go.
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Wait, did you say what your costume was going to be somewhere else? Or are you just teasing, leaving us in suspense? Inquiring minds want to know!

Good luck to the fish, and I hope you guys can find another loaner kitty that you won't react to.

Thanks :) And no, I didn't say what my costume is. It's a secret of course! Telling what your Halloween costume is beforehand is like opening your Xmas presents early!

Aw, Doc. I'm sorry, sweetie.


I love Halloween! I miss being in the U.S. for it :)


Have you guys tried Devon or Cornish Rex cats?

Re: Cats

Nope. They carry regular allergens, and aren't an option. It is only the Siberian breed that was a possiblity.

At least you have your Halloween costume to distract you from fish, cats, and computer woes.
Keep on giggling.


You are ahead of the game for Halloween. C wants to be Pippi so I am trying to figure out how to make her dress...the rest of us will go as ourselves I think!

julia @ kolo

too bad you didn't tell me earlier, I could have sent you a full Pippi kit from Sweden, they're everywhere here!

I'm so sorry about the cat, Liz. I bet Anders feels terrible as he'd want to get a pet for the kids' sake.

I can't believe you have 103 people signed up for the Halloween party! I hope there will be pictures later. I want to see Surfie Karin :)

definitely photos! And we expect to get up to at least 130 by next week. Last year we had the highest turnout ever at 130-something :)

And yes, he does feel bad about it. Which isn't my intention at all :(

If you feel bad about flushing, check this page out. I think I'd freeze or alchohol it:

Urgh. Maybe I'll try the alcohol method if Anders will give up some of his stash for such a thing. :(

Did you see this bit? "Not recommended for: fish who attend alcoholics anonymous" ---har!

Ha ha! I thought that was pretty funny.

Well, he had given up the ghost when I got home from work, so I didn't have to borrow Anders' hooch. :(

When I used to have an aquarium, we always boiled sick fish to death. I see from the page that it is not recommended for tropical fish. Why is that? I thought all fish would die as quickly when put into boiling water. Actually I'm not sure what happens if a human would dive into boiling water - would one have any chance of getting out of the water with 99% burns?

The blender, whacking and cutting the head off to me seem like the meanest methods of them all. Certainly the fish will die almost instantly, but it seems to barbaric to cut a living being in slices.

I'm sorry about your fish. And your computer. And the stupid, stupid allergies. But do tell about trick-or-treating invitations -- do you invite everyone to stop by your house? Or do you all get together and invade other people's neighborhoods as a group? (Come to think of it, that sounds pretty fun!)

We have a contained neighborhood, with 42 houses, so what we've done is I print out a letter that explains what and when Halloween is and the tradition, and then inviting all to particpate by putting a pumpkin (paper one which I provide with the letter) on their door or mailbox and then to hand out candy to the children who come on Halloween during the determined hours we set for trick-or-treating.

The kids usually gather at our house first and we make sure to explain the rules to them: they can only knock on the doors of houses that have the pumpkin. We usually do the t-or-t for 2 hours in the evening of Halloween (6-8 this year), and we've had really great participation both years we've done it. :)

If you want a copy of the letter (I can do one in English and you can have it translated to Italian) and the pumpkin cut-out, let me know. It's a little late for this year, unless you get it dealt with immediately but we usually try to give people at least 1.5-2 weeks notice so they have time buy candy. :)

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not sure how it would work in our neighborhood -- a bunch of huge apartment buildings. Maybe next year when we don't have hospitalized babies or anything, we can try to get something Halloweeny together. It sounds like so much fun!

You're right, it might not be so easy in an apartment building, but you never know :) Maybe in a year or two, you'll be ready for it, and if you ever want the letter/pumpkin just let me know! :)


I'm so sorry to hear the kitty didn't work out. Enjoy the sushi though and I'm excited to see your Halloween costume - you have me in suspense!


Man, I always forget the signature!


So sorry about the kitty....

was hoping for you guys! oh well. What about the ladradoodle??? are there any in Sweden? Europe?

Another thing I'm hoping for....CANDY CORNS...will there be candy corns in those trick or treat bags? I hope so...I've been craving them in a bad way!

Can't wait to see your costume this all are so creative! Even if Anders isn't dressing least he's going! Wish my party-pooper would but work is on the agenda. darn it!

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