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Liz: Your hemspråk teacher told me she gave you homework; to google Halloween but you told her you couldn't because our computer wasn't working.

Martin: yeah

Liz: You can do it on my work laptop. You can't play games on it, but you can google for your homework.

Martin: What if we google "games" or "play games"?

Liz: What if I google "kill kid"?

Martin: Then you'll probably come into a murder site.

Liz: Actually, I'll probably come into a parenting site.

Martin: Ha ha, very funny!

Liz: *giggles madly*
mood: silly
music: The Killers—Read My Mind


Ha ha! Thanks!

Actually there is a song called "Kill Kid" so you'd probably come to a lyrics site :)

You have to love it that he is willing to push the envelope a bit. Way to go, Martin! LOL.

Oh, so true ... hahahahaha!


He, he. Smart mommy.

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