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We took the recyclables in today and stopped at the grocery store and the whole way there and back in the car I sang rain songs. It's been raining non-stop all day, the dreary leaf-loosening autumn rain that bodes ill for a snowy winter. It's the kind of rain that seems as if it will never stop, and when you've lived in Sweden for long enough, the very real prospect of just that thing is too overwhelming to contemplate for long, hence the loud choruses of Rain, Rain Go Away and It's Raining, it's Pouring, etc. The kids sang along with me, also at the top of their lungs, so hopefully our quasi-rain-dance mojo will blow these wet, full clouds on past and we'll have some more sunshiney autumn days of the type we like best, where we can revel in the crab-colored beech leaves that scuttle across the road as if they were alive, and the dizzy descent of golden birch leaves like spinning coins or mad yellow butterflies.

Cracking Me Up
A Swedish attempt at Halloween marketing in the produce section of the grocery store today: packages of 3 orange bell peppers plastic-wrapped on styrofoam trays with a "Happy Halloween!" sticker plopped on the top. Hey, they're orange, right? That counts!

We cut out and painted the first coat of paint on Karin's surfboard this evening. It's yellow since we didn't have any white paint and now I have to draw Chinese tattoo-type designs and Chinese characters on one side and a Chinese dragon on the other, for her to fill in and color. She has her costume all ready to go. Martin was much harder...he had no ideas himself and rejected out of hand everything we suggested until Anders hit on the brilliant idea of his being one of the Mythbusters. So, he decided to be Jamie Hyneman, because we have a fake mustache and a pair of Anders' old glasses and I have a real French beret, purchased in France, and he has a white button-down shirt...but alas, when I pulled out the real French beret, Martin declared that it wasn't the right KIND and about-faced on his acceptance of the costume idea. Back to square one. So, now he's decided he'll be a viking, using one of the costumes I made several years ago, which we have thankfully kept.

We were going to carve pumpkins today but time got away from us, mostly because of my 2-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. Rain + cramps + 4 loads of laundry doth a tired and crabby Lizardek make. Pumpkin carving is now scheduled for tomorrow, no excuses, since I have the AWC meeting on Tuesday and choir on Wednesday and Anders and the kids are going swimming on Thursday, and Friday is HALLOWEEN. We did manage to get the Halloween trick-or-treating letters passed out to the neighborhood yesterday and I bought candy today, so I actually feel pretty on top of things.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now Which is Also Cracking Me Up: So, What'd You Do Today?
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ooh, too bad about the mythbuster. i would so have liked to see that!

Me, too! Oh well, maybe next year!

She posts!!!! I knew that Judge Lambi could get those fingers of yours typing.

We only had drizzle here yesterday, but that was bad enough. Just dark, windy, wet and grey. I cheered myself up by baking cookies with an 8 year old girl I borrowed for the day.

I laughed at the orange bell peppers being considered "Halloween". We went for dinner at a friend's place one Halloween here and she served a Halloween Salad - yep, you guessed it - iceberg lettuce with a garnish of chopped orange bell pepper. I'm surprised they don't have the stickers on the carrots as well. I think it is always going to be a problem when you import an idea to a country without the associated tradition. And it doesn't help that they get the day wrong as well.

I've never been into Halloween myself as it is not celebrated in Australia, but reading your journal I've learned that it is a fun family time, rather than the strange spooky half-baked idea I previously had of it. I hope you have a ball, once Martin gets over his mood. I hate to tell you, but that is the thin end of the teen wedge you are about to face. Cultivate that sense of humour, Liz. You are going to need it!

And you must post pictures of the pumpkins. I'm dying to see what your kids come up with.

Har! You're right, they should have put the sticker on the carrots and the oranges, for that matter!

Halloween has always been a favorite, because it's precisely that: a family fun time. We used to go on hayrides, and pick pumpkins at a farm and go to haunted houses and make our own haunted houses, and decorate like crazy, and then of course the trick-or-treating. And coming up with creative and one-of-a-kind costume ideas has always been a fun challenge that my family and friends worked hard at every year. None of this vampire/witch/black/scary easy stuff for us. It was always my favorite holiday. :)

And I'm well aware of the thin end of the teen wedge...we've been dealing with it with both kids for quite some time already. *rolls eyes*

AND I promise pumpkin pictures :) and costume pictures as well!

At least the toy stores do what they can to sell ready-made Halloween costumes in all sizes, styles and colours. Most of it is based on witches or the Devil, while I'm not quite sure if Halloween should be a general dress-up party or not. Some of the small girl witches on the pictures however look so cute that one rather would like to hug her (says a guy who rarely has such feelings) than get afraid of her. More like a fairy who likes to dress in black than a witch.

In Australia, we only saw the whole witches, spooky stuff from the States and that was certainly how it was marketed to us. It proved to be a big turn off for that reason. It's spring in October in Australia - we just aren't ready for the theme of darkness etc. We never really understood what it was all about. It seemed like a bunch of already overfed American kids going out dressed as skeletons for some obscure reason demanding candy. There was a virilent and active campaign to boycott the whole show for that reason and it still hasn't caught on there. If anything, they are even more anti-Halloween than the Swedes :)

It is only by reading about it from especially you and reebert that I've learned that there is so much more to the holiday and it sounds like good, clean, family fun.

I'm looking forward to your Halloween photos! Oh how I miss the days of huge Halloween parties at our house in the States... costume prizes with our friends (we always voted by secret ballot and included a prize for "least effort"), disgusting-looking desserts, and hilarious party games. So much for Halloween being a kid holiday! :) I hope you guys enjoy the heck out of your week.

The pumpkins are carved! The costumes are ready (though I haven't actually tried part of mine on), and the Halloween candy arrived from the States today ...I've been gorging on Reese's peanut butter cups...whee!!

We have been having some cold but beautifully sunny in the afternoon type days. I am truly not looking forward to the rain, although that is why we are so green over her and I do like all the green trees and such. Oregon, as you must know, is much like what you described Sweden to be once the rain starts. blah.
Ah well, there is the present moment and in the present moment me thinks we are having another sunny day after the morning gray burns off. I am wearing fingerless gloves as I type, but later I will be in the hotsprings in the sun!

But in Oregon it pretty much rains in the mornings and the rest of the day is gorgeous, that's what I've been told by my other Oregonian friends and my own experience while there, so I think you've probably got the best of it :)

"But in Oregon it pretty much rains in the mornings"
What?!! Who told you that and what part of Oregon do they live in? That happens sometimes, but...
When the real rains start it can be icky, wet. cold, and miserable all of the time. If it was only in the mornings I wouldn't be looking for rain pants, I would just plan all my outings in the afternoons. *chuckle*

We have all sorts of rains too. The showers, the cats and dogs, the misty gentle rains. brr. I'm cold just thinking about it.

My best girlfriend that lived in Eugene for years and now lives in Grants Pass ;)

In my world it often rains on and off all day. I LOVE those days when it only rains in the morning. Now you've got me curious. Am I crazy? I think I will have to make some charts, keep track.. *heehee*


Oh I wish he had gone as Jamie Hyneman, because I would have loved to see the photos!


Me, too. Maybe next year :)

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