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This year, because ozswede was so kind as to send us a pumpkin carving kit for the kids, I made them do their own dirty work, though I did cut the holes in the tops of the pumpkins and scoop-scraped out the insides (though I had help from Anders on one of them). Usually I have to wield the knife (*evil laugh*) so they draw their pumpkin designs and I execute (HA!) them. Even though they got a packet of ready-made designs in the package they elected to go with traditional jack-o-lantern faces this year, though both of them wanted teeth and pupils.

Karin was working on the designs on her costume prop (I drew the outlines, she filled them in) while Martin and I did his pumpkin, then it was her turn. They did a great job, don't you think? and both smiling glowy faces are now sitting out front greeting passers-by in practice for their big night on Friday.

Click here for pumpkin carving stabbity goodness!

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Ooooo! I'm the first commenter! I feel so privileged. And I love this post about you "executing" the designs. Great since of humor and photos!


I just realized that Karin's buck-toothed pumpkin almost looks like the front teeth are a little mustache instead! :D

ooh, a hitler pumpkin would be cool to make someday! :)

I totally love that pic of Karin stabbing her pumpkin!! Classic! And look how cute you all are! happy Halloweeen!

Stabbity pumpkin pics are a tradition around here! :)

That is SUCH a fab picture of the two of you! A framer for sure. :) And the stabbing pics made me laugh, especially because they were each followed by such a sweet, smiley face picture. hehe

We're all about the stabbity and the sweet, here! :P

The second-to-last picture of Martin carving his pumpkin reminds me of one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes -

Hehehee, GREAT pumpkins! Why have I never thought of doing semi-circular eyes like that? Nice pupils and teeth.

The sideways eyes were totally Karin's idea. And hee! about the C&H. :)

Good pumpkins! Now I want to do the eyes looking off to the side like that.

But what I really wanted to comment on is this: your hair looks SO CUTE! Good good good hair! That is all. :)

Barky is a maniac these days :)

Fun! The kids did a great job and that is a wonderful picture of you and Karin.

They carved with their tongues poking out...sure sign of super concentration!

That's right, that's right, carve the pumpkins and post about it the day we were away! *pout*

I just love the pumpkins - your kids have such wonderful, creative ideas. And that picture of the stabbings are classics. Remind me never to try and break into your house, if THEY are your security.

It's great to see a recent picture of you as well. You look really relaxed and happy with your little munchkin.

You should know better than to go anywhere when the muse might strike at any moment!

And thanks, I think it was a pretty good photo myself despite the maniac Barkyness of it :)

best picture ever!!!

LOVE this photo of you and Karin-- LOVE!

And look at your gorgeous hair!!!


Re: best picture ever!!!

You guys are all nuts about my hair, I swear!!

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