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One of the biggest problems we've encountered with Halloween every year is that Karin wants to have different costumes for each Halloween-related event. It's hard enough to come up with costume ideas for the four of us ONCE, but when she starts wanting a different costume for the school party, the neighborhood trick-or-treating and the big AWC party, it's enough to make me grind my teeth.

Today she attended a party at the after-school daycare (for once, they got the date right) and because it was cold and rainy, she opted not to wear her surfer costume that is slotted for tomorrow's AWC shebang. "Fine," I said, "but you have to wear something you can throw together here." she went with her karate outfit. THEN, for the neighborhood trick-or-treating that we organized for this evening, Anders came home with a costume idea that she was totally enthused about: Headless Harry. That's her to the right in the photo below. The head is a balloon with a cartoon-dead face drawn on it. She's got one eyeball peeking out that hole where the duct tape is. You can't see Martin, he's in the back, but he also decided not to wear his costume for tomorrow, instead he spiked his hair, painted it orange and threw on Karin's glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas. At the last minute, he added a pair of plastic vampire teeth.

We had a great turnout...all the kids in the neighborhood Martin's age or younger...around 35-40 kids altogether, and both of the pumpkin candy bags are full of a pretty good haul. If you consider bulk gummi candy a good haul. Aaaah for the good old days of peanut-butter-kisses and mini-krackel bars. Of candy corn and bite-sized Reese's and smarties and bottle caps and wacky wafers and tootsie rolls. MAN, I miss candy in the U.S. this time of year. Thanks to a couple of kind colleagues who were in the States last week, I DO have some Reese's and a couple of bags of candy corn, but it's just not the same. What's the fun of being a parent on Halloween if you don't even WANT to eat the candy that's in the bowl while you're waiting for trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell, and you don't even WANT to steal just one piece out of your kid's candy stash after they've gone to bed? *sigh*

What's your favorite Halloween candy?

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Choose? You want us to *choose*? ;-)

As a kid, I loved candy necklaces and anything chocolate, and NECCO wafers still rate waaay up there with me -- especially the black licorice ones.

I filled up the candy bowl at work this morning with Hershey's Kisses, made of white chocolate colored like candy corn. If they'd had those when I was a kid, I'd have been in seventh heaven.

Mercifully, I have not seen any Ghost Peeps this year (Easter is one thing, Halloween is quite another, when it comes to Peeps).


I saw ghost peeps at the store the other day.


*runs and hides*

AAAH! PEEPS! How could I forget about Peeps?!

I guess it's because I don't associate them with Halloween. Mmmm...Peeps!!

When I was a kid, occasionally I was allowed to stay out in the then little town of Scappoose at my grandma's and my Dad's little brother Dean who is only 4 years older than I am would take me out. We sure made the rounds and this was old fashioned. There was a next door neighbor who invited us in for pie. There was the little cafe where we were served soft serve ice cream cones. And there were the PILLOWCASES that we filled up at the other homes.

I haven't eaten regulation Halloween candy for years, due to food allergies and other voluntary food restrictions. I do remember loving little Butterfingers though. Oh and Baby Ruth, and 3 Musketeers, and tootsie rolls, and on and on. One Favorite? NEVER!

Today I have done my share of imbibing dark chocolate with dried raspberries. And I've had butterscotch pudding two times. mmm. Not almond joy, but just as delicious.

Yum! Your candy substitutes sound delicious! But mmmm...3 Musketeers!

heh, well I have the opposite problem, I miss the Swedish gummy stuff and the salty licorice. Reeces and all the peanut-butter themed candies are not really my thing (a bit rich). In the States my favorite are probably the small skittle bags, and a nice form of skull lollipops that are raspberry flavored on one side and cream on the other.

in Sweden it's gonna be dajm, ahlgrens bilar and gelehallon.

also, I do miss Swedish chocolate an awful lot.. :(

It's all about what you grew up with, when it comes to candy, isn't it? Do you know, if we ever move from Sweden, there are lots of candies I will miss, too? Though not bilar or gelehallon :) And definitely not salt licorice! :D

there are lots of edibles I'll miss from the US if or when I move, but they're rather food-y than candy-oriented.


And as much as I love good chocolate and caramel, I admit, I love Haribo gummy candy more. Bears are just right in my book, especially for breakfast!
- Heather

bleah! I think I was too old when for gummy candies. We were introduced to them when we moved to Belgium and I was turning 13. I've never liked them. But Belgian chocolate and Napolean Lemon Balls! YUM

What a creative idea for the Headless Harry. Who knows, maybe if they can come up with this stuff, you can let them design and plan for all four of you next year. ;-)

Favorite Halloween candy, hmm I think either Sweet Tarts or 100 Grand. I mean honestly when else would you eat either of those?

It was a super easy costume, actually. She had 2 baseball caps turned outwards/sidways on her head and then a coat hanger without the metal hook duct-taped to them to hold the ooat straight. That was it, plus the duct tape to hold open her peephole and the balloon with a bike helmet on :)

I had to google 100 Grand, had never heard of it. Do you know I've never had one? I thought they had nuts in them, but from what I found, they don't. They sound good!

As I watched the kids divvy up the candy into the "yes", "maybe", and "gross" piles I remembered that I couldn't stand this one candy that they no longer sell- Charleston Chew. Ugh those were foul!

100 Grands are delightful and I don't care for nuts in anything so yes, they're wonderfully nut-free.

I'm sure the costume was easy but I still marvel at the creativity put into making it.

I had never heard or had Charleston Chews either until last year when my brother went into ecstasies that they were available in our American store in Malmö. He made me try one...I thought it was okay, but it's certainly not one of my favorites :)


I am so thrilled to see the Headless Harry! It was an idea I always wanted to do - but mine was called "Anne Boylen with her head tucked underneath...."
I just never took the time to work it out! :0
I always made sure that I had some of my favorite candy for the bowl- but it was to be the last bags opened! hahaha! Usually Butterfingers, or Heath bars. But today I would opt for Delicious European dark chocolate! And that's because I live in a neighborhood which has never seen a trick or treater at my door in 13 years! How sad! But today I was at the mall and got to see lots of yound kids running around in their costumes - mostly the pink girly stuff though!

Happy Halloween! Love, Lizardmom
Happy Halloween!

I was thinking of you and never-done Anne Bolyen! I still wish we had managed to pull off that costume, it would have been SO COOL.

It seems in the States kids are trick-or-treating more and more in "safe" environments and not necessarily running around the neighborhoods, like we did. Sad, but I guess I can understand the logic.

what a wonderful costume! and yes, i miss american candy too!

We had Sugar Babies, Crunch, Hersey bars, and Starbursts. And about 10-12 customers all evening. LOTS left over. I'm thinking of donating them to the Boys and Girls club though, because unlike you, I WANT to eat every piece that's in there.

If I had those candies in a bowl, I would want to eat them all, too!

Headless Harry was a stroke of genius! She looks fantastic.

We had four trick or treaters as well. It's the first time ever in Sweden I've seen them. I'm used to the påskakärring at Easter, but never kids at Halloween. They had gone to a great deal of effort with their costumes and I think they deserved something for the effort. I had some Australian chocolates a friend had brought back recently that I was hiding from L-G, so the kids each got a Caramello Koala, a Milk Freddo Frog, a Killer Python and a Furry Friend (with much discussion at the door about what the animals were). They also got a lick from Lambi. They seemed quite happy.

We didn't have Halloween, so no idea about Halloween goodies. I had no idea there even WERE Halloween goodies.

You did perfectly, though I'm not sure I would have been able to give up my secret stash of American candies!!

And what more of a treat could one ask for than a lick from Lambi? :D

It's easy for me because I don't particularly like candy and chocolate. I DO like Tim Tams, but only the one now and again. I have no sweet tooth at all. It's L-G who is the house candy rat, so he was wide eyed that I had this stuff hidden away. Needless to say, there is nothing left today but wrapping papers :) He is like a little kid - he can't have lollies in the house without them calling out to him. How he stays rake thin I'll never know.

Actually, the kids loved the fact that it was really different candy, but funnily enough the biggest hit was Lambi. Everyone fell over themselves to pat the gullig hund</i<.


Mini Almond Joys!

julia @ kolo

Ok, so please enlighten me .. When are you supposed to do Trick-or-Treating? is it always on the 31st or on the 30th?

The neighbourhood kids have it all mixed up and I'm confused. There was a whole swarm here last night (31st) and then some tonight.

Halloween is always, always, always on October 31st, no matter what DAY it falls on. Trick-or-treating is on Halloween, though Halloween parties can be any time :)

I really miss the American Halloween experience too, especially for my girls. And I truly miss the combined smell of all the Halloween candies I'd collect in my plastic pumpkin. They really should market that scent.

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