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My costume idea was so excellent, but I think it left something to be desired in the execution since no one even asked me what I was supposed to be. When I told people what I was, they laughed their heads off, though, so I give myself points for that. I was a piece of salt licorice, the Swedish candy that makes people around the world shake their heads and say, "EWWW!"

I wore a sparkly black shirt and then I spray-painted my top half and my hair black (not my face) and then sprayed glitter all over that. Let me tell you, that spray paint is NASTY stuff. Granted, it's supposed to be for hair, so I suppose it was my own fault, but trying to get it off my skin took me quite some scrubbing. Ouch. Anders dressed up as a beat-up hockey player, complete with an excellent shiner and knocked-out teeth. Martin was a Boy Scout and Karin was a surfer girl. Both of the kids took off the second we reached the party location, which was held in a giant indoor play place and were only seen for short moments now and then during the course of the evening, when they were thirsty or hungry or it was time for trick-or-treating.

Karin had her shirt on all evening, so no one got the full effect of her rad bikini top and tattoos, but this shows off her attitude pretty well, at least! :D Anyway, we had a fun time and I think all 120+ guests who were there did, too.

Star Light Star Bright Birthday Wishes to vember and Eva!
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