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We used to do that with dandelions in full bloom. Hold them tight just under the blossom and sing: "Momma had a baby and her head popped off." And then we'd flick our thumbnails upwards and sever the flower from the stem. Pretty gruesome, when you think about it.

I wanted to flick my thumbnail up and pop off my own head this morning. Woke up with the Mother of all Migraines and couldn't move for fear of my head doing a nosedive to the floor all by itself. I was in full sympathy with carrieb's desire to pop out her own eyeballs the other day and hope it wasn't my comment about feeling this way when in Migraine City that prompted a visit from the headache police. Sucked down Advil and water and returned to bed for 3 hours, but still feel I have a tight band around my head. I made it into work by 12, at least, and have been busy ever since. I'll have to suck it up and pick up the kids since Anders had to drop them off this morning, and I have choir tonight, so hoping another couple of magic pills will make the pain go away.

I just finished reading In a Dark Wood by Michael Cadnum, an excellent twist on the Robin Hood legend, which is one of my favorite stories. I have a large collection of fiction based on the Robin Hood mythology and was very pleased to find another one that takes it a step further. It's more about the Sheriff and his life than it actually is about Robin, but that was part of what made it so intriguing. And Michael Cadnum's writing was wonderful. He kept making me stop and read sentences over just to savor them, so it took longer to read the book than normal :)

I haven't forgotten about writing an entry about Karin, it's just that other things have been on my mind. :)


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