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I think today ended up as a win-win day for all of us.
  • I got to sleep in.

  • Anders got an early-morning Father's Day celebration.

  • Everyone was in a good mood.

  • I got a project completed.

  • The weekend laundry got done.

  • We had some sunshine.

  • I surprised the kids with tickets to the early showing of High School Musical 3.

  • Anders got to nap while we were gone.

  • We had delicious sushi for dinner.
Now it's dark and wet and early evening. I have another project to work on, a good book to read some more in, 2 kids to throw in the bathtub, and Anders is going to play hockey-bockey.

Days when nothing goes skewing off in the wrong direction sure are nice, aren't they? And days when things get done and presents get opened and Zac Efron takes off his shirt more than once...well, that's even nicer!

How was YOUR weekend?
mood: relaxed
music: High School Musical 3—Can I Have This Dance?


Win win.....

We hired a new Realtor, got the garage finished just in time for winter(now the cars and all the stuff fit), got our new couch, got our new dining table, and Rachel went to a friends for a sleepover, we cleaned house.

Lose lose.....Starting at 9:30 pm Bryce threw up every 20 minutes for 10 hours!!! 10 Hours!!!! That translates to 7:30 am.....Not one of us slept and now we are all cranky and tired. With mountains of laundry to do. :(


GOOD LORD, how awful! I hope the rest of you don't get whatever he had.

AND I really hope the new realtor turns things around on the house!! Been thinking about'cha!

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