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Yesterday, I stepped outside my regular life for a day and was treated to a "business trip" to Stockholm where my colleague (the events manager at work) and I visited several hotels and conference centers to check them out for a big event that is being organized for next year. So, instead of getting up and going to work as usual, I got up earlier, drove 40 minutes to Malmö's little airport, flew an hour north, and then took a train into the center of town, and the subway way out of it again to the other side...out into the archipelago to the Grand Hotel at Saltsjöbaden. We toured the hotel including the spa and conference area, saw examples of all the different types of rooms (including the Frank Sinatra suite*) and ate lunch in style in the French Dining Hall. I was the photographer for the trip, so I moseyed around snapping shots of the rooms and spaces while Suzanne asked questions and took notes and talked logistics with our guide.

After lunch, we took the subway back into the center of town, and visited the World Trade Center Stockholm and the Nordic Light and Nordic Sea Hotels (quite a different side of the Scandinavian experience), along with a quick peek and drink (on the house) at the Absolut Icebar Stockholm. I had an Absolut Innocent: elderberry juice, lemon juice and blue curaçao. I had to laugh because my colleague pronounced it "kur-ACK-cow" and I knew that it was pronounced "KUR-a-sow", but I only knew it because a long time ago I had a drink called a Blue Whale which was served with a huge rubber blue whale (a bathtub toy) stuck tail-up on the side of the glass and which contained blue curaçao and I made the waiter teach me how to say it correctly. /end pointless digression.

It rained ALL day and it was really dark and we were appalled to see that it was pretty much pitch dark at TWO O'CLOCK in the afternoon. And we thought we had it bad down in Skåne! Anyway, after all of our business was concluded, we ate dinner and then got back on the train to the airport and flew home.

The funny thing for me was the illustration TWICE about what a small country this actually is. I would never expect to see people I know at O'Hare Airport or ANY airport, for that matter, in the U.S. But we met people we knew while boarding the plane TO Stockholm and while boarding the plane BACK to Malmö! Two people on the way back, in fact: another work colleague that we had no idea was going to be in Stockholm the same day, and the husband of one of my best friends! I sang It's a Small World in my head all the way home.


One of the things I love best about the Internet and the blogging community is how genuinely NICE and generous everyone I meet is. People are constantly sending each other things, and it's such a lovely way to connect with people and brighten their day. Not long ago, thehula sent me a signed CD by Katie Herzig, and another LJ friend has made monster hats to send to my kids (!) and today I received a little motivational "thinking of you" moose postcard from ozswede as well as an unexpectedly large package of schwag from Laini! She had mentioned in a recent post that she was going to give away some of her lovely Ladies and I threw my name in the hat. I thought she'd send 1 or 2, maybe 3 if I was lucky, but LOOK AT MY LOOT!

It's so nice to have nice friends!

*He stayed there, but I don't know for how long. A night? A week? 5 months? How long do you have to stay at a hotel in order to have a suite named after you? If you're George Washington, I think you only have to set foot in the general vicinity.
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you were right in my neighborhood! :) and it wasn't dark at 2!!! i was out walking then. it isn't really dark until 330 ;)

It was, too, dark! It was dark all day! :D And so very very wet.

It was a fun day, but tiring. We are thinking about going up to Stockholm for a few days during the holidays, so I will let you know if plans firm up for sure. Maybe we can FINALLY meet! :)


What a motherlode on the "ladies"! And I know a bit about the airport thing - I used to work for Enron (yes, I really did) in Columbus, OH and whenever you had to fly to Houston on business, invariably there were 10 other people on the plane from Enron, all doing the same thing. Continental Airlines was probably upset when the company went bankrupt!


It really made me laugh, running into so many people I knew in such a short time. And yes, you are right, "motherlode" is the perfect description!


Wow! for the nice "loot" - I saw a couple of her Ladies in a catalog and was wondering if they were on your Christmas list again! You are so right about the really nice people that you (and me because of you) meet on the internet! Love, Lizardmom

Yes, they're on my wish list. :) I need to send a revised version in fact, because the kids have added some things!

yummy day!

well-- except for it being dark at 2pm-- that's not so yummy-- but all the rest sounds REALLY goood---


Re: yummy day!

That's the hard part of living in Scandinavia...the darkness. You only sort of get resigned to it, but it's still shocking, and it's still a month and a half to the solstice!


You chose the worst day to come. Yesterday was awful. Rain rain rain. Imagine you were here... and I had no idea. :)

And yes, nice friends are nice to have indeed!

And yes, darkness sucks. It's not as bad as Haparanda though, I spent a christmas there and it was (barely) daylight for only two-three hours!! Awful. I was so happy to come back home again!

Today the sun actually was shining for a while! And the other day there was this amazing mysterious light outside and double rainbows!! Magical.


This morning it was clear and light and as I was driving to work the MOON was huge and full in front of me at the same time the sun was rising behind me. Beautiful!


Wow! Must have been an amazing sight!


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I think so, too. They're such beautiful pieces! This whole set was Christmassy, and I'm really delighted with them. :)

Yes, it WAS dreadful weather on Tuesday in Stockholm. We have to go back on Saturday for a christening and the forecast is for a repeat of Tuesday, only more rain! Bleh!

Wow, if I had known you were at the ice bar, I could have come and drowned my sorrows with you. I'm sure I could have smuggled Lambi in - she'd just blend in with the surroundings, surely?

What a lovely lot of loot you got. I got my reebert Grab Bag yesterday and it really cheered me up. It felt like Christmas, unwrapping a big pile of beautifully wrapped goodies. I think this is one of the big benefits of internet friends - so many lovely people to share your world with.

I was so thrilled this morning by clear skies and sunshine, but by mid-afternoon we were back to the usual bleah. *sigh*

Edited at 2008-11-13 06:07 pm (UTC)

Hehe, I think my husband's getting tired of me telling him how generous the internet is. :) That's some very lovely loot!
(And dark by 2? I would die. Quite literally, die.)

It's not a lot of fun, that's for sure, but we manage to get through it :) It will be dark here by 3 regularly by the time the solstice rolls around. I keep telling myself it's only temporary: the sun WILL return!

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