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Even though winter has been galumphing up with its tongue hanging out and its tail wagging a mile a minute, spraying drool and happy pee everywhere I am NOT READY FOR IT. I'm fending it off with both hands, yelling, "NO NO NO! DOWN, BOY! WAIT!"

Damn dog.

The village has its Christmas tree up by the little traffic circle. No lights are on it yet, but it's up. Christmas decorations are for sale in the mall and everything is starting to twinkle. NOT READY.

I had to scrape the car windows this morning and it wasn't any wimpy little skin of cold dew; it was ICE. I've had mittens on and a scarf and a winter coat and O! I am really not ready for winter. And the kids came home super excited from school yesterday to tell me it SNOWED, MAMA! It snowed! wooo hoooo, they said. grooo ooooan I replied.

We're having our Thanksgiving dinner this weekend and I'm sure it will be cozy and fun with our friends and I'm really looking forward to the food (mmmm pie!) but honestly? It's too early for Thanksgiving and too early for winter and too early for Christmas.

Is fall really over? Already? Or is winter just turning up early again like a bad penny?
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