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Even though winter has been galumphing up with its tongue hanging out and its tail wagging a mile a minute, spraying drool and happy pee everywhere I am NOT READY FOR IT. I'm fending it off with both hands, yelling, "NO NO NO! DOWN, BOY! WAIT!"

Damn dog.

The village has its Christmas tree up by the little traffic circle. No lights are on it yet, but it's up. Christmas decorations are for sale in the mall and everything is starting to twinkle. NOT READY.

I had to scrape the car windows this morning and it wasn't any wimpy little skin of cold dew; it was ICE. I've had mittens on and a scarf and a winter coat and O! I am really not ready for winter. And the kids came home super excited from school yesterday to tell me it SNOWED, MAMA! It snowed! wooo hoooo, they said. grooo ooooan I replied.

We're having our Thanksgiving dinner this weekend and I'm sure it will be cozy and fun with our friends and I'm really looking forward to the food (mmmm pie!) but honestly? It's too early for Thanksgiving and too early for winter and too early for Christmas.

Is fall really over? Already? Or is winter just turning up early again like a bad penny?
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I am right there with you.

*links arms with you*


How funny! I was just thinking this morning how I wish winter were over already! And I do like the dog analogy (as she makes lots of typos as a beagle jumps all over her keyboard).


Wish I had a beagle to use as an excuse for my typos! :D


I'm not ready either, but it's bearing down on me too! Today the forecast was for up to 15" of lake effect snow in the thumb area. I went to the Big City suburbs anyway, sure they could be wrong! It does me good to be right in such cases! WooHoo! as you would say. But, then maybe it's just slow arriving and I might wake up in the morning to a white blanket. So far just flurries that sticks for a bit, bu cold it is! I just finished getting the driveway markers up for the snowplow guy and it was so cold, I had to come in for warmer gloves! Brrrr! :( Love, Lizardmom

Well, nothing has stuck yet, but still. SNOW. AAAAAH!

*waves magic wand* Bad weather be gone I say!

Yeah! what she said!

EEK. "Like a bad penny," I'm sure that's it.

We actually have had sunny warmish afternoons the last couple of days. I swear it has been warmer outside than in the house. But winter is here me thinks. And the nights are chill.
As Jim and I were saying last night, we think that somebody is shaving minutes off each hour without anybody noticing and that made the summer and fall fly by much too quickly.
I am in seasonal overwhelm. How can it already be Thanksgiving next week? Why oh why is the season forcing me into all these layers of clothing? I felt like the Pillsbury Doughboy last night as I suited up in my longies and leg warmers, scarf and gloves, vest, etc for an evening walk.

"Seasonal overwhelm" ....that's EXACTLY it.

You only started scraping an icy windscreen TODAY? Quit whining, woman, some of us have been doing that for a month already :) It's snowing som fan at the moment here, so I hope you get some of that white, fluffy goodness as well.

I'll be thinking of you this weekend! Your Thanksgiving feast is lovely - good food, good company and good times. And the last time to take a breath before Christmas comes at you like a speeding freight train :)

I've already written, addressed and stamped my Chrissie cards... Tee, hee, hee

Good lord, you have not done your Xmas cards already. That's just...wrong. Will you do mine? I'll pay you! :P

And I've scraped before but this was SERIOUS ice. Had to scrape today too, but it wasn't as serious.

Wish you could make it for the feast on Saturday, it will be a scrumptious one, I'm sure. Anders is buying the turkeys as I write!

Wish you could make it for the feast on Saturday, it will be a
scrumptious one

Our invitation must have got lost in the post.... LOL!

Yep, bought the cards yesterday and spent the afternoon and evening addressing and writing them all out and bought the stamps today. All ready to post out.

FAll has fallen

we are now in the throes of winter's icy grip and oh, what a long season it is . .. sigh---


Re: FAll has fallen


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