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1. Two turkeys is probably enough, unless we actually have 12 adults.

2. Find something other than green bean casserole for a veggie dish...there's always TONS of it leftover and no one really likes it that much.

3. Have Kelly do the pumpkin pies every year. MMMMMMMMMMM

4. Maybe move the TV into the playroom for the evening. Or else think up better responses to the frequently asked question about why we adults talk so loudly and laugh so much.
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My turkey dinner:

And they actually have excellent food, they are where we order all of our groceries from. I know it is cheating, but it is going to be easy :)

haha! cheater peater! :P ...well, you know, if I didn't have a husband that was willing to cook THREE TURKEYS plus make mashed potatoes and gravy for MY Thanksgiving dinner tradition, I would be figuring out the best way to cheat, too. ;)

Really? Nobody really likes the greebean casserole?!! Besides the turkey, that's always been the favorite dish at my Thanksgiving meals! I make it from scratch though, I don't do the popular campbell's soup version. Maybe that makes a difference. Huh, it just suprised me to read that. haha

I know! It kind of surprises me too, since it's such a Thanksgiving staple and people always ask about it, but after hosting Turkey Day dinners for 11 years, I've realized that less than half of it ever actually gets eaten. I suspect it's because Swedes make up half the guest list, and it's nothing special for them.


About the TV - but it's good for the kids to realize adults can be rowdy! One of my best memories is seeing my parents get drunk with my godparents one evening - watching them biting the heads off of little EL Fudge men-shaped cookies will make me smile forever.


Haha! True, true...and there was an AWFUL lot of amazement in those little voices asking the question. :D

A poodle could have helped clear up that turkey problem. I guarantee no leftovers :)

Ha, ha on the kids - tell them to suck it up. That's what family and friend get togethers are all about :)

We did tell them that! It was really funny, actually. Their little jaws dropped and they got the most annoyed expressions on their faces. :D

I've never understood the allure of green bean casserole. Sure, it's easy to make but it's not easy to eat! At Trevor's grandma's Thanksgiving dinners, his dad's wife has been bringing broccoli with melted bleu cheese for a couple years now. It's delicious and cheesy, but still green.

That sounds pretty good, actually. I like broccoli much better than green beans, and so do my kids. Maybe I'll see if I can rock the boat next year and suggest that instead. :)

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