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Not too long ago, ms_hackman, who is intimidatingly crafty to begin with, suddenly became obsessed with monster hats and started making them by the dozens and posting them on her LJ. I immediately squeeed with joy over them, because who can resist monster hats?? and she responded by sending 2 of her amazing creations to the kids. Who are totally in love with their monster hats! THANKS, JENNY!!

Humongous Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to gnostraeh!
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OMG! I want one, too! Aren't they fantastic? I can see that your two have fully embraced their monster personae...

They are so great! Warm and hilariously funny!


Thanks Liz. I had a great day and I plan to have a great year.
Hey, cool monsters and monster hats.

So cool!



Those are the best hats ever! (And the cutest kids ever too!)


I want one, too!. No, make that 3!
They're fabulous!

Super, super fun and perfect for your kids.

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