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The kind of thing I have to proofread:

This function tells the FTP component that the FTP Client wants to communicate to the indicated FTP Server, referenced with the ‘BtAddress’, ‘ServiceId’ or ‘ServiceName’. Neither the ‘ServiceId’, nor the ‘ServiceName’ are mandatory, thus either ‘ServiceId’ or ‘ServiceName’ makes a service unique for a particular Push Server.

The specified 'ConnectInfo.MaxObexPktLen', is negotiated with the FTP Server. A connection can be established with a packet size smaller than or equal to the 'ConnectInfo.MaxObexPktLen'.

If ‘ServiceId’ is specified, the connect request can be confirmed positive, meaning the particular service was found, or negative (service was not found). If the value of ‘ServiceId’ is NULL, a service search is done at the indicated Bluetooth device.

If ‘ServiceName’ is specified and one service is found, containing the exact name, the connection will be made and an FTP_CONNECT_CNF will be replied.

I'd much rather be reading Nano chapters by same_sky, totte, and carrieb.
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Oooh, this stuff sounds oh-so-familiar. Luckily, mine's not restricted to server connection manuals...I also get genomics and chemistry-related things as well. And some of them, I write myself! Wooo! :)

Here's a sample of what I'm proofing today:

3D scatter plots allow even more information to be encoded into visualizations. They are especially useful when analyzing data that is not clustered along any of the axes (columns) of the data set.

Exciting stuff, eh?

Wow, that is really interesting reading. *grin* Ibo used to have me proof the documentation for the pop3 server program he wrote, but he hasn't asked me to do it in a while. After reading this I will have to ask why, I miss the excitement. *laugh*

I hate to tell you this, but you'd better redo that one. It's full of crap that makes no sense! Oh! Try to run it through the spell checker in Word. That should be a hoot!

And thank you :)

It's supposed to make SENSE?! Oh, shit...

Actually, after I'm done with these technical documents, I do run them through the spell checker and some of the stuff it comes up with always tempts me to go ahead and hit the "change" button and see if the engineers notice :) muahaha!

I think this calls for a good strong drink. Or several!

Does anyone actually read those manuals?

Ha! Too bad I don't drink :) I think only the customer reads it, and in this particular case, we have a VERY picky customer who nitpicks down to where the commas are. *rolls eyes*

Vilket äkta skitjobb att behöva korrekturläsa sånt! Jag skulle ge upp och börja gallskrika efter första meningen...

You learn how to skim when faced with 30-50-90 pages of this stuff. Mistakes start to leap out and you can actually "read" without taking IN anything. It's boring as hell though and easy to get distracted. :)

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