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Everywhere there are yummy yummy recipes coming at me like zingity fattening yummalicious food bombs. First, I do it to myself by visiting friends with mad cooking skillz and the willingness to share recipes. And I buy Martha Stewart Living magazines just so I can LICK THE PAGES. And then I make it worse by choosing to participate in the AWC holiday cookie exchange which kickstarts the baking of the Christmas cookies.

Then ozswede perpetuates the temptation with a string of delicious recipes that have me frantically printing and gathering and drooling, and then she sends me links to things like THIS.

And then Laini posts about recipes like THIS, which leads me to THIS and my god, I'm DOOOOOOOOOOMED.

Last Friday night I stayed up seriously late. I did the same thing on Saturday night, despite knowing it was going to make things difficult come time to get up Monday morning for work, and then I compounded things by staying up late Sunday night as well. I was correct in that theory of self-wrought morning-grogginess hardship, yet it did not stop me from staying up past my bedtime on Monday night...or Tuesday night. When the alarm went off this morning at 6:45 a.m. I nearly cried with despair at my own stupid self, after shooting out of bed wondering how it could POSSIBLY be time to get up already when I had JUST GONE TO SLEEP.

It is now Wednesday night and the time is nearly 11 o' the clock. Now I lay me down to sleep and after all the lovely recipes I have been looking at and poring over recently, I fully expect visions of sugarplums. Commence dancing!
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Oh my gosh, that foodgawker link made me salivate. Also, Walk out to Winter is one of my favorite songs

Swear I'll be there! :)

The kettle called and it wanted to let you know that you're black.

State's exhibit 1:

I totally know what you mean. There is temptation all around.

I should have tried to loose some weight for this company Christmas party in two weeks. "Should" being the key word, not "did". Stupid baked goods tempting me!

I know, I know, I'm totally a pot! bwahahah!

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Clicking on that foodgawker link after not eating for three days = computer screen + teeth marks. SO HUNGRY NOW. (I too have no power to put myself to bed at a reasonable time. What is it about being tired that makes us want to stay up later?)

I don't know but I seriously need to adjust my head in regards to bedtimes. I think part of it is because the kids go to bed later now, and that means I have less time to get things done for myself afterwards, so I keep over-compensating by staying up late. I've ALWAYS been a night owl, but obviously my age is starting to show. *sigh*

I knew that link would cause you to drool. I put on about 7 kg just reading some of those entries. And I hate it when you look at their user pictures and the writers are some skinny bitch - how do they do it?

Our house smells wonderful with all the baking I'm doing. And I think I'll be breaking out those elasticised waisted stretch pants to get me through the season...

Of course, now I have a sore eye, I simply MUST comfort eat. Care to join me?

Absolutely! :D


So did you have sugar plum or candy cane dreams? I personally would prefer a giant Haribo bear, although perhaps that's more of a nightmare!


haha! I've never liked gummy candies. Actually, I don't remember WHAT I dreamed, I was out like a log, but woke up this morning with a horrible headache, which has been hanging out all day and refusing to get off my neck!

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