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Why are we friends? We're so different!

You come from another state, another country, another culture.

You're older than me; you're younger.

You're religious, and you—you're political.

You've made choices in your life that I can't fathom. You've had things happen to you that I can't relate to. You've done things I couldn't or wouldn't or wish I dared to do.

You don't have any children. You have too many. You don't want any. You've got a baby; your kids are grown.

You believe in things I could never swallow. You believe in things that go against my grain. You don't believe in things I believe in.

Why, sometimes I suspect we don't even speak the same language!

You celebrate completely different traditions. Your childhood was so different. You've never lived anywhere else in your life. You've lived in places I've never been. You never finished high school. You didn't go to college. You went to medical school/law school/vocational school. You got a masters, a PhD.

You have a job I could never do, a job I wouldn't want to do, a job I would love to have. You've always known what you wanted to be.

Your parents were separated, divorced, maybe they weren't around at all. YOU are separated, divorced, re-married. You're an only child. Or one of 11 kids. You're gay, bisexual, asexual. A punk rocker, a line dancer, a headbanger. An activist. A hermit. A comic. A homemaker. An insomniac. A hypochondriac.

Heck, I might not even have met you!

We're so different! Why are we friends?

What do you see in me? Do you see the same thing I see in you?

Someone who shares. Someone who writes. Someone who creates. Someone who photographs or paints or videos. Someone who teaches, someone who reads; you're someone who listens.

Someone who reaches out in some way and gives something of yourself.

Someone who offers a new perspective, a change of scenery, a fresh outlook on life and living that I might never have thought of, could never have known of except through your words and your experiences.

You're a book I'm reading. You're a movie I'm watching. You're a friend I'm making. You're a friend I'm keeping.


Warm & Snuggly, Baby Cuddly Birthday Wishes to americantjej!

*Title from a quote by Francis David
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All I can say is: Wow.

What do I see in you? Well - this very entry itself sums it up why I like to consider you a friend!

Wonderful. May I quote this?


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

My response was also WOW! A gift to everyone in your life. It's that old, but perfect get what you put out. Love, Lizardmom

Love you, Mom :)

Yep, all of that.
And you like sushi. We can't forget sushi.
AND, you helped me through a rough time with your sensible and sensitive comments. I will not forget that.

Funny still, how well we can get to know one another here on LJ and how close that we can be/feel.

i'm keeping you too. :)


Why are we friends?

Do I know you? LOL!

Another of those top drawer lizardek posts that she needs to write EVERY day.

You are my muse and I am in awe of your language skills. A post from you brightens my day.

Re: Why are we friends?

You're making me blush. :) *smooch!*

Love this, Liz. Yeah, this is why we're friends despite all our differences. :)

I love this, I do! I wish I could bottle up this entry and send it to everyone I know who needs a whiff of goodwill this holiday season. And, because it has to be said, I'm awfully glad to have discovered you. :)


Like everyone else, this is amazing and I'm going to quote this in my blog as well - it so sums up how I feel about those I've met blogging. Thank you for sharing!


You're welcome! *smooch*

I think I see myself somewhere in there! I agree with Ozwede, this definitely brightens my day. Thank you!

You're very welcome! :)

I think I'm one of the luckier ones reading this because I'll be getting my SMOOCH in real life.

And here's a bonus answer to a question you didn't ask: my favorite thing about being your friend (aside from the sushi, of course), is that I can talk to you about absolutely ANYTHING and you get it. And then we make a joke about it and laugh our asses off.

*SMOOCH!* - when are we getting together?? It's long past due!

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