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I can't remember him so small, he's so big now. It's hard to believe I could hold all of him cradled in my arms when he's almost as tall now as I am. His feet were so small and so perfect, they fit in the palm of my hand. Now his shoes are nearly longer than mine. But he still has the same smile, the same dimple, the same twinkle in his eye, and the same infectious laugh. 11 years old and growing, going, but not yet gone, thank god.

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ELEVEN YEARS OLD TODAY. Happy birthday, Martin!
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Happy Birthday to Martin!
Kids are growing up way too fast... WAIL .......

Happy Birthday, Martin!

Wow! He's looking more and more like Anders as he grows up.

Happy birthday! And a special lick from Lambi.


Happy Birthday Martin! I still swear he looks like the little boy in Love Actually.


That boy is so CUTE....

I just want to kiss him all over! But he'd freak out if I did that, huh?
Can we make a marriage contract? I want him for MAYA! Yes! yes!??

Carol in Sweden

So handsome. (I know he would kill me if I said cute probably) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTIN!!!!


Happy Birthday, Martin!

Hope you had a great birthday!


oh that beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy-o!!!!

happiest birthday wishes to Martin! what a happy kid!!!

Bravo mama!!

Bisous, bp

he's going to be a very good looking man whom all the ladies will drool over :)

They really do grow up don't they? A big happy birthday shout out to Martin. I'm so excited to discover the person Sean will become, but also so sad that it means I'll no longer have a baby Sean around. hehe


Love the screaming-with-laughter baby photo! I cannot believe he is ELEVEN. I know logically they keep growing and getting better, but still, it boggles me. Happy birthday, Martin!

:) Sam


Happy Birthday Martin! You are so tall now and so grown up! Love, Lizardmom

Happy Birthday, Martin!

Love the second photo. So much joy in that one.

And Happy BIRTHday to you too Liz. That was certainly a day that changed your life! And you gave birth, so it's your birthday too.

It's a shame they don't make those little bear overalls in 11-year old sizes!

Happy Birthday, Martin!

Best smile EVER!

Happy birthday, Martin!

handsome boy!

Happy Birthday Martin!!!

I hope you've enjoyed your special day Martin and I can't wait to hear how you were celebrated it. Happy Birthday!

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