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Christmas letter written
Christmas cards signed, sealed, delivered
Christmas presents 3/4 done
Christmas house decorations up

To do
Bake Christmas cookies
Final Christmas present shopping
Wrap gifts
Get Christmas tree and decorate it

Martin had a good birthday and got lots of things he wanted, including Spore, which he has been playing non-stop ever since. I thought it was an online game and was surprised (and frankly, rather pleased) to find out it isn't. I know you can do certain things with it online like share your creatures, but so far, he's happily evolving and eating and ganging up and building nations and taking over the planet. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, he enjoyed reading them, though he did roll his eyes at a few of them. Which is pretty good, actually. With me, he rolls his eyes at EVERYTHING.

Hey! What'cha doing Tuesday evening?
Tomorrow, I've decided I will go see Twilight in Lund after work. I'll go into town, maybe shop for a bit, find a bite to eat, and then go see the movie. If anyone wants to join me, you'd be more than welcome, but I wasn't going to reserve seats, so need to get there a bit early. I'm going to the 6:20 show at Filmstaden...want to come?

Snowy Glowy Winter Wonder Birthday Wishes to sari!
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