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First half of the day was awful, went from bad to cruddy with one thing after another coming at me like javelins. Haven't had a day like that at work in quite some time so it threw me for a bit of a loop.

Managed to regain my equilibrium in the afternoon just in time to go into an 1.5-hour long meeting about our work insurance and pension plans and conditions and by the time that was over, I was ready to wrap the day back up and return it for a new one. I don't understand insurance and pensions and funds in ENGLISH very well, and in Swedish I was feeling very lost and upset about it. ARGH.

BUT, took myself out for the evening: drove from work down to central Lund which was all lit up and Christmassy, and I stopped in a couple of stores and found a couple of stocking stuffers and then I went to a favorite sushi place and had dinner, entertaining myself nicely with a new and interesting book I just started (I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak) and THEN I went to the movies and saw Twilight. It was good, but not spectacular, and I couldn't figure out why the age limit, even with parents, is 15. There was ONE kiss, no swearing, and very little, mostly off-screen violence.

I think movie makers, in general, have gotten better in the past several years at making films out of books. I suspect a lot of that has to do with the advances in special effects and CGI, but also it seems that there is less re-writing of storylines to better fit a director or screenwriter's vision of a book in film format. Still, I think the movie maker in my head is better than any cinema: my imagination, especially when in the grip of a book by a really good author, is the best casting director, camera operator, makeup artist, costume designer, sound mixer and choreographer rolled into one that could ever exist.

Anyway, I actually had fairly low expectations for the movie and I enjoyed it, and thought about half the casting choices were spot on, and the ones that weren't I was able to get past, so that was good. Now, I'm going to bed and hope that tomorrow will start off right and get better from there.

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I'm going to bed and hope that tomorrow will start off right and get better from there.

Oh Liz, I hope so too!

Like you, I'm not a tv watcher and I much prefer a book and my own dlightly warped imagination to create a scene in my mind's eye. Maybe we should take over Hollywood and show them how it's done!

Here's to a good morning!

Hey Liz,

Out of curiosity, is the downturned economy hitting Sweden very hard?

Hope your day tomorrow is better!

Not yet, but people are being very cautious and there's signs in the wind that things will be tough next year.

Thanks, Liz :)

I'm so sorry about your crappy day at work. At the last office job I had, I would keep a pile of paper clips on the floor under my desk so that if a meeting came up that I just couldn't handle going to, I could hide under my desk... and if someone happened to find me anyway, I would totally look like I was picking up those spilled paper clips. Sneaky, huh? :) Eh, I was only 18, and I realized shortly thereafter that I don't do well in an office setting. I hope your day today is going better!

Today is MUCH better, so far :) I had to laugh at the vision of you hiding beneath your desk picking up paperclips! :D

I hope it has gotten better for you today. And I guess I will go see Twilight but not until it comes to the cheap theater. I have never seen Anne of Greene Gables for instance, because my imagination is better than any movie director and producer could ever be too.
Let's hope they don't make a movie out of A.M.'s Sunshine .

Actually, I have to say that the Canadian film version of Anne of Green Gables was EXCELLENT.

Well, I'm still leery. I like my vision of Anne and the cast of characters. Did they follow the story line pretty well?

I did go to the movie version of the Tolkien trilogy and I guess they did it pretty well. I really enjoyed the special features on my son's long version dvd. And I was able to separate the movie characters from my vision that has been deeply instilled for many years prior.

Recently I went to "The Secret Life of Bees" and enjoyed it despite my love of the book.

Yes, they follow the book very well, in the Anne movie (1&2). Diana didn't match my internal vision very well, but Anne is really really perfect. :)

I'm quite able to separate book characters in my head from the movie versions, too, most of the time. They seem almost like separate entities.

Not the 3rd one, though, that was a huge mess.

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