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Even though I don't have that much left to do in regards to Christmas preparations, things seem to be zooming ahead and pulling me after them willy-nilly. This is always a crazy time of year.

Exhibit A - this week
Monday - Actually, nothing
Tuesday - Karin karate class
Wednesday - Choir Christmas concert and dinner afterwards
Thursday - Karin karate class, and kid's hemspråk end-of-term party (they watched a movie & had fika at our house)
Friday - Work Christmas party
Saturday - Get Christmas tree, decorate it, bake cookies

Exhibit B - next week
Sunday - Sing in 3 concerts at elderly care homes in Malmö
Monday - Kids' School Christmas concert
Tuesday - AWC Julbord
Wednesday - Anders' work Christmas party (both of us are going)
Thursday - Book group
Friday - collapse muddy & exhausted and smilingly contemplate 2.5 weeks of vacation
Saturday - final Christmas shopping & brother-in-law's birthday dinner

Exhibit C - the week after that
Sunday - Julbord with Anders' family
Monday - FINAL FINAL Christmas shopping if necessary
Tuesday - Mother-in-law's birthday lunch
Wednesday - Christmas eve at sister-in-law's
Thursday - Christmas day festivities
Friday - collapse seriously muddy but most likely not exhausted! woot!
Saturday - Actually, nothing!

I can do this! It's not that bad, except for next week.

Tomorrow is our work Christmas party and while I'm sort of looking forward to it, I'm also sort of dreading it. Part of that is caused by the new party outfit I bought on the fly the other day. I'm afraid I'll look like a clown in it. It's HAREM pants with a little vest. Granted, they are black with silver embroidery around all the edges, and I have a nice swingy black top to wear under, but still...HAREM PANTS. I have 2 footwear choices, but I'm leaning towards half-cut black suede boots. Yes, I know, the 80s are calling. Maybe I'll do my hair like Leah Thompson in Back to the Future and complete the feeling of idiocy that is looming over me.

I hate getting dressed up. Honestly, I hate it. I hate pantyhose and pinchy shoes and feeling like I have to keep my gut sucked in and putting more makeup on and worrying that Barky will choose to act up just because I have to walk through the Swedish winter weather for longer than expected on my way from the car to the door. To add to all this trauma, I have an eye infection that is on its way back FROM HELL (where all eye infections live when they're not working) and it's causing much redness and goopiness and itching and I couldn't get a doctor's appointment until Monday and I have no antibiotic drops left from the last time in March and all I have to fight it off is Visine-A, which, frankly, isn't helping much. WOE.*

Bundles of Brightly Wrapped Belated Birthday Wishes to fiveandfour!

Cracking Me Up: Parenting the Enemy

*Rée, I know, I know, it's all relative. I'll shut up with the not shutting up now.
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You forgot breakfast in bed for Anders this Saturday - Lucia! I'm sure you can fit that in somehow. :)

You are manic, woman! How do you manage this juggling act every year. No wonder you feel compelled to dress like a clown.

I bet you don't look ludicrous. That's the eye infection affecting both your eyes and your ability to be objective about yourself. I've asked Lambo to have a heart to heart with Barky to get her to behave.

But I know what you mean. I hate putting on the glad rags myself and wish that everyone could just have pyjama parties, so I can come in pjs instead. So much more comfortable.

Anders? Breakfast in Bed? On a Saturday? It is to laugh. He stays up until 2 a.m. and then is UP AT 7. Insanity, I tell you. I shall sleep in until time to get up and hack down a tree.

PJ party! Excellent idea. Time to plan another one, don't you think??

PJ party! Excellent idea. Time to plan another one, don't you think??

Oh YES! I love pyjama parties.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

SUPER WOE. I'm like Rudolf the red-eyed freakjob. :/

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

That sounds like an EXCELLENT idea! :D

I got exhausted just thinking of all you did! Massage time!

I like dressing up as long as I can sit down the entire time. Heels are only nice for as long as it takes to get up and walk over to the bar and back.

You could buy some of those drops from Apoteket until the appointment...Nuviform I think they are called. They are bacteria hämmande.

Work massage scheduled for next THursday and I have to call my wonder-massage lady in Flyinge soon, too. She's probably wondering what happened to me! I'll check out those drops, thanks!!

Well, I'm ready for a nap now! Here's to surviving the holidays intact and happy.

I'll drink (Pepsi Max) to that! :D


I understand! I decided to totally boycott putting up the Christmas tree this year - it's just too much work for a few weeks and just me to enjoy it!

Lame-o! You haven't put up your poor tree in years, I think!

Oh dear I am right there feeling your stress about outfits for work parties. (and dressing up in general. I envy people who can do it with such ease)

Worst work christmas party EVER. Left at 10:30 and the bar wasn't even open yet. Sheesh.

Post a picture of that outfit!

No way, Jose.

Excuse me, but isn't Christmas Eve on a Wednesday, Christmas Day on the following Thursday and then comes Third day of Christmas on Friday? It looks like you've planned your Christmas holiday 2009 above!

Unless I mistook your planning, it seems you're a day short somewhere or perhaps you have come up with a way to postpone Christmas a whole day?

GAH. You're right. I screwed the days up, since I was not looking at the calendar when I was writing all this. Fixed now, though.

Perhaps you can now reschedule the tentative visit to Tivoli to Saturday past Christmas? :)

I agree, post a picture.

We have the company Christmas party in S.F. again this year at the very swanky hotel there. I still haven't worked out how to do my hair. I think I'm going to wear an obscene amount of eye make-up so that people won't look at my hair. They'll just wonder who the chubby crackwhore Pete brought is.

My outfit is ok and I love that flat shoes are in. 6'1 tall women should be exempt from shoe trends. The platform 90's were not my fav.

With all this Christmas fanfare every December, I'm sure it feels like a green and red blur.

I figure everyone is looking at my eyes anyway, wondering what the hell is wrong with them. Your crackwhore comment made me laugh out loud, though. :D

oh honey bunny

you just plum wore me out with those lists and the eye infection-- if you don't mind, I'll just lie back on the couch now as you continue with your busy life-- phew--

but seriously? have some fun in there, pretty please--


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