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I've GOT to do something about my working environment in the office. When I first started at Ericsson, I noticed fairly quickly that I was developing strained muscles in my shoulders due to the fact that I was working on a right-handed desk and I'm left-handed. But I use the mouse with my right hand so whenever I had to write while working on the computer (which is frequent) I was pulling to the left and creating quite a strain. I also tend to sit with my left leg curled under me, which throws me to the left even more.

Back in the semi-good old days when Ericsson had some money, they had a service where you could call on a physical therapist to come out and check out your environment and help you make sure everything was at an optimum to prevent such "desk injuries." She came out and lowered my desk, adjusted my chair and my computer screen, and gave me a different mouse/keyboard tool to use (which also helps prevent carpal tunnel, bonus!) It's called a Mousetrapper and I love it. It forces me to keep my hands straight and together in front of me, thus preventing the stretching and strain.

However, that was over 2 years ago, and I've moved offices 3x since then, and people have sat in my chair and played with its angles and I'm generally a mess as far as being ergonomic. For about 6 months now, I've noticed increasing pain in my shoulders/neck/back again. Calling all massage therapists in Lund! Help! :)

I'm living in a cultural quagmire again. This is a wonderfully descriptive phrase that my college roommate Chris came up with. She is also responsible for saying "Ideas are just synapse triggers until they're shared." Guess I'm just getting old :) The last CD I bought was Elvis Presley #1 Hits (ahem), and while I love it, it's not exactly cutting-edge music, now is it?

When I first bought the Elvis CD, I put it in the car so I could listen to it driving to/from work. Now mind you, I have never really been an Elvis fan of great proportions, although I've grown to appreciate his music more in the past few years, but I really had to have A Little Less Conversation. Anyway, a short while afterwards, I was driving somewhere on the highway, with the kids in the back and Elvis was blasting out Hound Dog. I looked in the rear-view mirror and both kids, strapped into their childseats, were bopping up and down, eyes shut, swinging their heads back and forth to the music. LOL! Elvis: Music for ALL generations.
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I don't like Elvis but I do like reading your entries and would like to add you as a friend. Is that okay?

Of course I don't mind, I'm flattered! Add away! :)


You are amazing!!!! I can't find time to even READ what you do. Your Mom and grandmom are here and your Mom is leading me through so I now know how to comment. Now I will view your altered books--have heard about them briefly. More later Love, Joanne

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