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I still have the 2 batches of sugar cookie dough in the fridge, as we ran out of time this weekend. They take the longest of all the cookies to do, what with the rolling and cutting and patching and baking and swabbing with sugar glaze and decorating with red hots and colored sugars and dragees and sprinkles and nonpareils. We'll do them this coming weekend, most probably, along with watching The Grinch. So, because I had limited time possibilities this evening, I whipped up a batch of green Holiday Balls instead and undercooked them on purpose and they were declared perfectly perfect by my taste testers.

The kids sang in their school Christmas concert this evening, and tomorrow I'm going to julbord with the AWC at a Japanese restaurant. They told me when I booked it that it's a traditional Swedish julbord with a Japanese twist, so I've got rather high expectations. And here's proof that I'm not the only baker in the house! Anders took photos of Karin making lussebullar, but only of the preliminary kneading:

Baka Baka Pepparkaka Birthday Wishes to Sunday School Rebel!
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What great pictures! She's a regular little baker. I love the bright, cheerful colour of that saffron dough, though I AM curious about why you make them raisinless. It's not as though lussekatter are bursting with raisins or anything.

We can agree to disagree on what constitutes a "done" biscuit. I like mine crisp and crunchy. But I do love the smell of Christmas baking and this year I've packed in a lot, though it is a labour of love, so I don't mind at all.

I can see you might be holding out for a sushi julbord tomorrow...let's hope you get your wish.

I lobbied hard for raisins, since after all there are usually only one or TWO at the most on lussekatter, but both my kids are unnatural and abhor the wrinkled little beasts, so no raisins for us.


I love the hat. I used to bake Christmas stuff wearing a headband that made me look like Max from the Grinch - single horn and fuzzy ears!


PS - You're going to make me broke oh Bride of Comments!

Ha ha! FIVE bucks is hardly going to break you! :D Be careful what you wish for, or I'll come back and comment some more! :D

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Really? I would have thought the lasting memory would have been of the torture of being forced to sit through Eurovision! :P

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You're up late. :) I'm online early because I'm checking work email from home prior to taking Karin to the dentist. We were awakened by an EARTHQUAKE this morning!!

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silly :D I just posted about it.

I'm glad they're trying to be gentler about the treatment. I hpe that's making a difference.

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Down here, practically never. Apparently they're more common way way up north, but even then they're not very big ones.

Nice HAT Karin.

Karin thanks you! She bought that hat a week or so ago and it has barely left her head since. She even sleeps in it! :D


Ohhhh, I'm remembering those delicious lussebullar made by Karin last Christmas.....yummmm! (and she also made a small batch when I was there in Sept.) Plus..memories of all those equally delicious Lizard cookies! :0
Merry tasting! Love, Lizardmom

I had forgotten she made them when you were here. :)

Love these pictures! Actually I love all the pictures you post of your children:))
Traditional Swedish with a Japanese twist, sounds very intriguing!

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