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I still have the 2 batches of sugar cookie dough in the fridge, as we ran out of time this weekend. They take the longest of all the cookies to do, what with the rolling and cutting and patching and baking and swabbing with sugar glaze and decorating with red hots and colored sugars and dragees and sprinkles and nonpareils. We'll do them this coming weekend, most probably, along with watching The Grinch. So, because I had limited time possibilities this evening, I whipped up a batch of green Holiday Balls instead and undercooked them on purpose and they were declared perfectly perfect by my taste testers.

The kids sang in their school Christmas concert this evening, and tomorrow I'm going to julbord with the AWC at a Japanese restaurant. They told me when I booked it that it's a traditional Swedish julbord with a Japanese twist, so I've got rather high expectations. And here's proof that I'm not the only baker in the house! Anders took photos of Karin making lussebullar, but only of the preliminary kneading:

Baka Baka Pepparkaka Birthday Wishes to Sunday School Rebel!
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