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Loud grumblings and groanings shot us both out of bed early this morning as the house shook. Anders said, "Herre Jösses!" and ran for the front of the house, collecting Karin on the way. I stumbled out behind them, exclaiming, "What's going on?" thinking that a plane had crashed or the garbage truck had run into the front of the house...or perhaps the neighbor had started up his Ducati, though why he would be doing it at 6:22 a.m. was beyond my feeble early-morning powers of reasoning.

A few seconds later all was still again and after a few confused moments, I went back to bed, this time with Karin tucked in firmly behind me. Martin slept through the whole thing.

It was an EARTHQUAKE! In SWEDEN!! Apparently registering a 4.7 on the Richter scale, which is pretty respectable, even though it only lasted about 10 seconds all together, and was felt all over Skåne. Pretty freaky!!

Edited to add The Local (in English), Sydsvenskan and Aftonbladet (in Swedish)
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