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Loud grumblings and groanings shot us both out of bed early this morning as the house shook. Anders said, "Herre Jösses!" and ran for the front of the house, collecting Karin on the way. I stumbled out behind them, exclaiming, "What's going on?" thinking that a plane had crashed or the garbage truck had run into the front of the house...or perhaps the neighbor had started up his Ducati, though why he would be doing it at 6:22 a.m. was beyond my feeble early-morning powers of reasoning.

A few seconds later all was still again and after a few confused moments, I went back to bed, this time with Karin tucked in firmly behind me. Martin slept through the whole thing.

It was an EARTHQUAKE! In SWEDEN!! Apparently registering a 4.7 on the Richter scale, which is pretty respectable, even though it only lasted about 10 seconds all together, and was felt all over Skåne. Pretty freaky!!

Edited to add The Local (in English), Sydsvenskan and Aftonbladet (in Swedish)
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I heard about this on the 8am radio news. The epicentre was not far from you guys, so you would have felt the full brunt of it. I thought of you straight away, hoping that all was okay, even though the reports said there were no injuries reported. Scary!

We had tremors in Adelaide occasionally and I remember one big shake in my early teens. It felt as though an enormous truck was going by. Everything shook and we all ran out into the street in our pyjamas. I still chuckle at the assortment of nightwear I saw that day among the neighbours.

Glad that you guys are fine.

You wouldn't think that we'd feel it so strongly all the way from Ystad, but yeah, it was pretty weird.

Geologically speaking, you are quite close. I heard them interviewing some people on P1 who lived on the 9th floor of some place in Lund and they had a wild ride by the sound of it. I'm surprised Madde didn't ring us in a panic (she's at Kristianstad).

Oh, mt Thursday lunch date asked me to send you this

You're right, we really are quite close, geologically speaking. As are you and I! :D Did Madde feel it? Martin slept through it, so I'm sure not everyone was aware of what was happening.

She slept through the whole thing, even though she lives on the 4th floor of her apartment building.

How exciting! I'm a wee bit jealous, as I always am when mild natural disasters happen to anyone else. :) Glad you all are okay!

As far as I know, no one was hurt anywhere and nothing damaged. It was really short :) Don't you get any where you are? Anders had one when he was in Italy (Modena) about a year ago.

Not since we've been here, though there was a bad one in '97 around Assisi (which is only 15-20 minutes from us). I hear they're pretty common in southern Italy; hopefully we'll be able to stay clear up here in central Italy!

When we lived in northern California, every time we had an earthquake I thought a truck had run into whatever building I was in. You'd think I would've caught on after a while, but my brain always leapt to that conclusion.

An earthquake is the LAST thing I thought of! I also thought maybe it was just REALLY windy! :)

What a coincidence... I was just reading in Aftenposten about an earthquake in Oslo a century ago that condemned a church in downtown Oslo.


The Tomelilla municipality homepage was updated shortly after the quake, in a manner like they were almost proud of having been in the epicentre. I'm sure the owners of some farmhouses will argue which one was closest to the centre, and then put up a sign.

The Öresund bridge is said to withstand at least 5.7 points on the Richter scale. The biggest earthquake ever within Sweden was approximately 6.0 points, if I understood correctly measured on some small islands outside Gothenburg in 1904.

When I was about 12 we had an earthquake; I was in the shower at the time and I heard some noises (which I assumed were from the pipes) and didn't feel a thing. I didn't realize that anything had happened until my mom came rushing in to see if I was okay. So the thing about bathrooms being strong rooms because of all the plumbing in the walls? I totally believe it :)

G just sent me an e-mail about the earthquake. Fascinating, as long as no one got hurt. I didn't realize there was a fault there.

Ah I would have felt quite at home then. :-) I've been prepping my kids lately as to what they should do in the event of an earthquake. At their age I lived near the big fault line and we had drills in school.

I'm glad you guys had some rockin' and rollin' and no serious damage to buildings or injuries.

Eek. I read this and then looked up at my new shelf high up on the wall above the bulletin board. And all those heavy books. And I started mentally calculating how far from the bed those books are and if a tremor could through them over here. That is how my mind works of late.

Glad you are all OK and it was no biggie. My daughter was in a big one on the island of Hawaii a few years ago. Her description was terrifying. AND she thought the volcano was going to blow. I guess if you were there that kind of thought would replace the big truck thought.

Oh my! Two things came to mind: first, I now see exactly what I said when I experienced an earthquake in Sweedish(?), at least I think that is what I said and second, I am amazed you were able to go back to sleep! I was a nervous wreck after our earthquake. I admire your courage.

I was half-asleep and it was over really fast. No courage necessary :)

glad you are all safe.



thanks! I've updated my post.


WOW! I BET you never expected to be writing about this! I thought I didn't need to worry about any natural disasters affecting my family in Europe! I'm sure Martin is really disappointed that he slept through it. Several years ago I slightly felt one that centered in Ohio/Pa. I was at the outer ring of the effected area - and the only reason I knew was that the water sloshed in the toilet! Love, Lizardmom

Lucky you were sitting there at the time or you would never have known!


Seriously??? An earthquake? I never would have pegged Sweden for one of those. When we lived in the Rhein Valley region of Germany I was amazed to find out there were lots of former volcanoes many of them turned into nice little round lakes. Crazy, eh? Glad all are ok!


I know! They rarely get bigger ones like this. The last one was 100 years ago, but they DO get little ones all the time up north that no one can even feel, apparently.


I'm so glad you're okay - I know it's got to be pretty exciting now that it's all over! I saw your tweet and thought, "Huh, I didn't know Sweden had earthquakes!"

:) Sam

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