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The holidays are now officially in FULL swing! Vacation is upon us and it's only 5 days to Christmas! Wheee!

I stopped by the postal counter after work to mail a late present to my sister and pick up a package, which turned out to be a HUGE box from my brother, and while I was there I peeked in the bargain DVD bin and lo! what to my wondering eyes should appear but a 59 kronor copy of The Polar Express which we've never seen, so I bought that for myskväll. Then we all went back into town: the kids and I to have sushi for dinner (and I stopped by Press Stop and picked up a bunch of magazines including 2 Martha Stewart Holiday issues full of yummy photos and recipes) and Anders to happy hour with some colleagues. The stores are open late in Lund during the whole month of December, which is really nice and it feels very festive on the streets with all the people out and about.

We had sunshine for a few hours this afternoon, though I only caught glimpses of it through the windows as I was trying to get everything finished up before leaving for 2.5 weeks of vacation: a goal I accomplished. YAY!

We watched the movie after we got home and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow evening: The Grinch!

I've just pulled out all the presents I've bought over the last few weeks & months and piled them on the bed and am about to start going through them to see if everything is even and if I have everything I was thinking of getting, which will help with planning the last bit of Christmas shopping tomorrow. And in the afternoon, we'll be baking up the sugar cookies, finally.

I LOVE Christmas vacation! Jingle jingle! I'm almost ready :)

Bright and glowing, softly snowing birthday wishes to darlingwee and a big bundle of belated ones to ms_jacket!
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