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The holidays are now officially in FULL swing! Vacation is upon us and it's only 5 days to Christmas! Wheee!

I stopped by the postal counter after work to mail a late present to my sister and pick up a package, which turned out to be a HUGE box from my brother, and while I was there I peeked in the bargain DVD bin and lo! what to my wondering eyes should appear but a 59 kronor copy of The Polar Express which we've never seen, so I bought that for myskväll. Then we all went back into town: the kids and I to have sushi for dinner (and I stopped by Press Stop and picked up a bunch of magazines including 2 Martha Stewart Holiday issues full of yummy photos and recipes) and Anders to happy hour with some colleagues. The stores are open late in Lund during the whole month of December, which is really nice and it feels very festive on the streets with all the people out and about.

We had sunshine for a few hours this afternoon, though I only caught glimpses of it through the windows as I was trying to get everything finished up before leaving for 2.5 weeks of vacation: a goal I accomplished. YAY!

We watched the movie after we got home and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow evening: The Grinch!

I've just pulled out all the presents I've bought over the last few weeks & months and piled them on the bed and am about to start going through them to see if everything is even and if I have everything I was thinking of getting, which will help with planning the last bit of Christmas shopping tomorrow. And in the afternoon, we'll be baking up the sugar cookies, finally.

I LOVE Christmas vacation! Jingle jingle! I'm almost ready :)

Bright and glowing, softly snowing birthday wishes to darlingwee and a big bundle of belated ones to ms_jacket!
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So glad you bought the movie and YOU ALL enjoyed it. :) What did you send me???? Huh huh what is it????? Come on you gotta tell!!

We started the Christmas cookies today and did all but he sandwich cremes and the sugar cookies . So tomorrow we will also be baking those. Also after finishing the xmas shopping. Seems even though we are miles apart we are still very close.

Love Ya and miss ya more at this time! Seester

I hope you don't think it's tacky! We liked it a lot and I might go back and buy one for us. :D It won't do you a lot of good this year, but you'll be able to use it in 2009! :D


Well ya know I will let you know if I do think it is tacky! Glad you got the sugar cookies done. They did not get done here today, :( but tomorrow we will get them and the Sandwich cremes done. I am done shopping as well. I need to exchange one thing that is damaged (already on hold) and return a movie I changed my mind on but otherwise am finished with just some wrapping to go.


Have you gotten all the packages from us??


I don't know if we have or not. I do not want to open them all and see my gift and Tom does not want to do it either so we are waiting for Mom to arrive and let us know. I just got a box from John and Simone that says COOKIES!!!!! Yay. :) But between you two I have an awful lot of boxes to get opened and wrapped. :)



O! You are such a darling! You never forget do you? AN um... yeah. Got the snowy wishes all right. They are terming this week "Snowmageddon" ... storms lined up back to back as far as the eye can see :D Johnny Handsome got snowed in and couldn't go to work (YAY!) and then the restaurant where we had reservations for dinner called and said that three quarters of their staff plus their head chef couldn't make it out of their driveways and so they were closing their restaurant today.

Oh Well! So it was spaghetti and snow shovelling all day, but you know? kinda liked it better this way. Plus, my only real birthday wish is to see Twilight sometime before the New Year and fresh flowers. And I got my posies yesterday and will see Twilight on Boxing Day so it's all good!!!

xo Wee

Snowmaggedon, baha! I wish we had some snow! Though we did have some sunshine today and yesterday, so that was nice. Otherwise it's been grey grey grey and rain. Typical.


Snowmaggedon! Yeah!!! a new description! I'm there too! 13" yesterday on top of about 4" and another inch today, with more coming tonight and all next week! It may get to the rooftops yet! Love, Lizardmom

Yay for holidays! Make sure you have a wonderful time. You sound really busy (no surprise, there!) but so much brighter and happier. Must be the elusive Christmas Spirit come to stay :)

Enjoy, enjoy!

Busy as always :) BUT the present shopping is now officially done (though Anders & Martin still have to go out 1 more time) and we're baking cookies in a little bit. Then it's just wrapping :)


dang you're good! i'm not gonna lie to ya - i haven't bought a single present yet. eeeek.


I bought the last ones today! Done! Now, just sugar cookies and WRAPPING! :)

I wanna have Christmas at your house! Cookies and Polar Express, and Grinches, and even sushi! Cool.
It is so different having grown up children who have moved away and less drive to DO a lot of the things that say Christmas to me. It may change with a grandbaby on the way. I do miss those family Christmases. (Well, there is also a sense of relief about not having to pull it all off, but hey, I liked the outcome.)

You would be most welcome! Come on over! :) I miss our big family Christmases in the US, too. It's much more subdued here, especially when we don't have any visitors.


You can get DVDs at the post office? Cool.

I remember being in Italy in late Thanksgiving when everything was already in process for Christmas - all the stalls open late outside the main stores - it was definitely very festive.

And I don't envy you all the time without the sun - I'm having a hard enough time here in Kansas with decreased daylight. Thank god the solstice is tomorrow!


Well, in Sweden, they don't have post offices any more, technically, except in a few places in the big cities. They have a counter at our local grocery store where you send and pickup packages and buy stamps. So it's not a post office, exactly. You can also buy tobacco and lottery tickets and newspapers at the counter and it's a little cafe counter as well, plus they have some DVDs for sale. :)

We had a lot of sunshine today! And we're supposed to have some more tomorrow, too :)

The Polar Express has become one of my favorite Christmas movies! Glad that you all liked it, too!

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