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Only one more needed to get to the amount of usual suspects on the ever revolving pregnant list of people I know. C'mon gale_storm, are you SURE you don't want to join in the fun? muahahaha!!

I am SO NOT IN THE MOOD to work right now. Or be at work. Or do any work. at work. I'd tell you how I really feel but then I'd have to go lie down.

So, instead of working, I've been surfing the web (what else?) but haven't really come upon anything funny or interesting enough to share. I am, however, just flabbergasted by the amount of online journals and weblogs out there. Everyone and their dog has a blog!

I just bought my husband the coolest Christmas present. He's gonna wig out :) I'm feeling very accomplished when it comes to Xmas presents as I only have a couple more things to get, plus stocking stuffers and I'm D-O-N-E.

Regarding my earlier rant about the reciprocity of Christmas cards, I wonder how tacky it would be to PDF my Christmas letter and send it to people via email? On a tackiness scale of 1-10, I'd give myself a 7, but I'm not so sure I care. I can always put a disclaimer on it, so that the lame-os know exactly WHY they're getting it electronically. Or maybe I just won't send them anything. I really can't decide if it's worth it.

Something I found amusing a couple of days ago
David Letterman's Top 10 list was The Top 10 Reasons Why I Am Excited About Becoming a Father, and #2 was: Two Words: Swedish Nanny.
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are you SURE you don't want to join in the fun?

You first. :)

(Who's the latest?)

can't say yet, she was filtering the info and so I don't know who knows. You might, though. As for me first, haha! NO WAY, JOSE!

I do think I know who you mean, then. At first, I thought you might have meant someone from AWC.

What, are you afraid that the third would be hell spawn sent from the devil himself? :)

something along those lines. We already have a limb :) if you know what I mean :)

I want to join your pregnant list! I'm ovulating RIGHT THIS SECOND! Ok, so that was more than you wanted to know. I'm in a hurry to get into this baby thing, but can't do anythign about it for a few more months at least. Hopefully I can join your list in Febuary or March or something.

ROFL! :) that was definitely a little too much information! :) It's a rolling list, and there's always 8 people on it, so I'm sure as soon as one of the current ones drops, er, off, you'll be able to, ah, climb on. LOL!

I can guarantee that I will not be making your list. A baby at 40 was enough of a shock, one at 45 would put me in a coma. *laugh*

Good for you. I am 3/4's done with christmas shopping. Have canadian stuff done and the things for my guys, but there is still the swedish family to buy for.

I know what you mean. :) I squeezed Karin out just under my deadline of 35, and there is NO WAY IN HELL I'd get pregnant again. It's one of my worst nightmares :)

You think it would be bad in your 40s, think about me at 53! Anders and I would be racing each other to the bathroom for the razor blades and sleeping pills.

LOL! :) yep, I do know what you mean :) That's about how I feel, and I don't turn 40 until next year :)

Call me cheap, but I'm definetly sending Christmas greetings to the States via email--what difference does it make if my Christmas cards become everyone's papper trash or cyber trash in January? Maybe I'll call myself en environmentalist (course, I should figure out how to spell it first) and pat myself on the back for saving trees...

Interesting about the Swedish nanny. When I decided I wanted to be an au pair here a few years ago I searched the net with key words "au pair" and "Sweden" and almost all of the websites that came up were porn!

I wouldn't call you cheap at all, especially since I'm considering quite hard. I can't afford it either, and it really burns me that no one sends cards back. The environmentalist angle is one I hadn't thought of though! :)

Well, calling yourself an environmentalist while doing it can give you a smug feeling, but like you, I HATE spending 6-8 SEK per card for people that haven't bothered to pop a similar amount to send one back for a few years.

That was #2 on my list, too!

LOL! Don't let your wife hear you say that! :) I tried to comment on your sleeplessness post the other day (don't ask me which one *grin*) but LJ was acting up and wouldn't let me. I feel for you guys! That was the absolute worst thing about having a baby: not enough sleep. It's just pure torture. It DOES get better though! (although not if you have a Karin) :)

We want to join too... after 18 months of trying its getting so hard to cope with.

Hoepfully we get some real help from the Drs very soon. (remiss sent to fertility specialist 2 weeks ago for low sperm numbers.. boo hoo)

(I'm Tia from Amerikanska btw)

We still hope for a natural conception, but thanks to SO's epilepsy medication messing things up, that doesn't seem like a great possibility.

Looks like i will one of these older moms too.. i'm 35 now, and will be well into 36 before any baby arrived. But one day we will get there.

Hi Tia!
I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. I have 2 cousins and several friends who have gone through the same thing and it's a hard thing to deal with. :( We know we were lucky to be able to conceive quickly with no problems. I really hope the doctors can give you the help you need! Nice to see you on LJ :)

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