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The children are lying all tucked in their beds. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and there has been too much cookie-eating in this house and not enough carol-singing. I plan to sing carols all day tomorrow except when we are actually at my sister-in-law's house since I know my kids will kill me dead if I try it there. :P Most of the presents are already wrapped and under the tree, except for the super secret Santa ones and the stocking stuffers. Tomorrow is the last (thank the baby jesus and his red-nosed friend) julbord of the year. We are contributing hard-boiled eggs, 3 kinds of home-made herring (courtesy of Anders), candy and sodas (for later in the evening) and what else: Christmas cookies! Of course!

Clockwise from top: Rice Krispie Holly Bars, Iced sugar cookies, Santa Snot (Holiday balls), Peanut Butter & Chocolate cookies, Chocolate & Butterscotch Chips

Merry Christmoose! What the plate looks like sans cookies (it was a Christmas gift this year from my friend Debbie which has already seen a LOT of use, natch!)

And 3 photo close-ups of our tree, just because it makes me so happy!

And why yes! That IS a hockey player Christmas ornament on our tree, courtesy of my mom, who has a peculiarly gifted talent for finding the perfect tree ornaments for each member of the family every year. I haven't actually counted the number of moose hanging from our tree but there are a lot of them, including a SOCK MOOSE. The hockey player belong to my husband. Along with hockey players, we also have several motorcycles, camping and cooking equipment, skiers and a SPARKLY BLOWN GLASS CIGAR. *sigh*

Sparkling Twirling Twinkling Whirling Birthday Wishes to my great good friend Kathey and a bundle of belated ones besides to Laini!
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