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If you are sad, we wish you joy. If you are sick, we wish you health. If you are lonely, we wish you friendship. We wish you peace and love and cookies! May this holiday, whether bright with sunshine or smothered in snow, be the start of a year full of blessings for all our family and friends, wherever they may be around this great glowing globe.

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adorable pictures!

(but is there a sock moose anywhere in there?) :)

DOH! I can't believe I forgot! I just shot him and added him to the post :D Merry Christmoose!

aw, that is SO cute!! thanks!

Right back at ya!

Merry Christmas, have a really cozy and fabulous time!

Tell Karin I'm coveting her hat!! And joy and peace and sugary cookie sparkles to you as well.

Merry Christmoose! That second pic of Karin and Martin is SO SWEET! I have a toothache now ;o)

Maybe I should post the one of him stomping on her as she laid on the floor as an antidote :D

Happy Holidays :)

to you, too :)


So everyone has already said it, but Merry Christmoose to you too!


Awe, sweet, adorable and all other lovely adjectives ever created! Yeah, that sums up your photos. :))

Merry Christmas to you and all of your family. Love your space here, love hearing about your family. Thanks for sharing!


Merry Christmas, Liz. Your kids are getting so big! And the pictures are great :)

I know I always say this, but--


and wait, a SOCK MOOSE?!!! where on earth>?!!

Bisous, bp

Re: I know I always say this, but--

My mom, of course! :D

Re: I know I always say this, but--

Will your mum adopt me?

Re: I know I always say this, but--

Probably. She's extra nice like that. But you have to ask her yourself :)

Merry Christmas lovely Liz!

Karin is a knockout in that first photo. :)

The tree looks stunning. And your children are beautiful and looking so grown-up. When did that happen?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season.

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