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Itchy, restless feeling all day, couldn't settle, couldn't relax. Even reading didn't help. I kept thinking I should get out, go shopping or something; after all, there are sales everywhere and why not take advantage of them? Except that we don't NEED anything and we just GOT a lot of stuff, it being Christmas and all, and the last thing I really need to do is go spend money unnecessarily on things we don't need. Plus, I couldn't decide where to go. None of the shopping centers around the area seemed at all appealing and they all have essentially the exact same stores anyway.

So, then I thought: fine, CLEAN something. There are lots of things that need to be gone through and purged and the house hasn't had a really good deep cleaning in ...I can't even remember when. I hauled out the vacuum cleaner and the windex and dustrags and set to work in our bedroom, clearing surfaces, moving things and cleaning under them, rearranging, pitching stuff. But after an hour or so, I knew that it wasn't working and the restless feeling wasn't really diminished, it was just pushed slightly under the surface.

Watching a good old bad old movie didn't make any noticeable dent. Thirty minutes on the treadmill helped reduce it further, but even now I still feel it, a jumpiness in my bones, a sort of crawling under the skin to get up and DO something, but I don't know exactly what. It feels a bit like a project pull. Do you ever get those? I need some big project to immerse myself in and lose myself for awhile. Something big, like house renovation or travel plans or a move to a new place. Ha!

If I'm still feeling this way tomorrow, shopping it is.

Old & New, Beautiful Blue Belated Birthday Wishes to scubatoe_eimi!
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That's exactly the buzz I'm feeling too. I just cleaned up the boys' playroom. I've decided to hit the shops tomorrow if I'm still feeling it.

I warned both the kids that their rooms are in jeopardy tomorrow :D

If you still feel that way tomorrow....

COME to my house and HELP ME deep clean! ha ha ha
Then you won't feel'll feel hopeless!
I've got so much to do but I can't do anything because
1- I'm sick = no energy
2- my family is here = quilt if I'm not doing things with them I'm frustrated! And my place is a mess...but a good mess.

I think you have the "too long winter vacation itchies".
Things would be so much better if it were only SUNNY and SNOWY outside!
Just a few short posts ago...weren't you complaining about not having enough time in the week? ah well...that's life!

Re: If you still feel that way tomorrow....

Well, I could come clean at your place, but you didn't tell me who you ARE! :D I'm guessing Carol. :D And no, I haven't been complaining about not having enough time in the week lately. It's been awhile since I had that problem!

do I have the project for YOU!!!

come here NOW!!!!


Re: do I have the project for YOU!!!

OH!!! how I wish I was on the way RIGHT NOW!!!

I vote for moving here to Oxelösund and taking care of Lambi! That's a full time job, I assure you :)

If you buy one of the swish new places along the canal, you can walk up to our boat each day and help prepare her for the next sailing season, too. And we can swap books, have cookie bakes and I can teach Karin new, interesting words... and I'll get to see lizardmom when she visits re: adopting me.

Your dancing snoopy made me get out the penguins!! :D

Why not add Woodstock as well?

Heh! I have no more dancing icons, sadly, so you'll have to settle for tail-wagging! :D

No more dancing icons? Lightweight!

So true! I shall add more forthwith!

Ha, ha....

Are you allowed to say "damn" on this journal? What would lizardmom think?

I think this is one of the differences between a Type A and Type B personalities. I must admit I've never had "a jumpiness in my bones, a sort of crawling under the skin to get up and DO something." Just lie down, maybe it will pass ;o)

Too late! I have shopped! Though I didn't buy much. And lo! The itchy feeling has least momentarily :D

Try insomnia next time. That takes care of all sorts of energy surplus and restlessness!
Any great bargains we need to know about?

Staying up until 3 a.m. reading doesn't count as insomnia? :P

Lots of bargains out there, I'm sure, but I was mostly browsing and window shopping. TONS of people out shopping. I bought 1 book, exchanged a pair of mittens for Karin, found indoor firecrackers for New Year's Eve, bought some cards and Xmas wrapping paper on sale, and found some yummy artichoke creme at a very cool store called Oil & Vinegar. Then I stopped by the American store for maple syrup and Reese's and called it a day! :D

Staying up counts! And you were still restless? (rest~less I guess)
I've been avoiding all that, but I may want need to go out into the fray tomorrow. I understand that World Market is having 75% off of many things and I think there was something I just have to have if it is in the 75% off category. Other than that, I have already been all shopped out before the big days.

I was supposed to be a whirling dervish of cleaningdom today but yet, here it is, noon, and I'm sitting at the computer without having made a dent. Next up, lunch!

Heh! Cleaning, schmeaning! I'm saving that for the last minute before the big dinner party on Wed.


Travel planning! I've already planned Peru for this fall and India for next March. Never mind I still don't have a hotel for Buenos Aires this March!


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