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Itchy, restless feeling all day, couldn't settle, couldn't relax. Even reading didn't help. I kept thinking I should get out, go shopping or something; after all, there are sales everywhere and why not take advantage of them? Except that we don't NEED anything and we just GOT a lot of stuff, it being Christmas and all, and the last thing I really need to do is go spend money unnecessarily on things we don't need. Plus, I couldn't decide where to go. None of the shopping centers around the area seemed at all appealing and they all have essentially the exact same stores anyway.

So, then I thought: fine, CLEAN something. There are lots of things that need to be gone through and purged and the house hasn't had a really good deep cleaning in ...I can't even remember when. I hauled out the vacuum cleaner and the windex and dustrags and set to work in our bedroom, clearing surfaces, moving things and cleaning under them, rearranging, pitching stuff. But after an hour or so, I knew that it wasn't working and the restless feeling wasn't really diminished, it was just pushed slightly under the surface.

Watching a good old bad old movie didn't make any noticeable dent. Thirty minutes on the treadmill helped reduce it further, but even now I still feel it, a jumpiness in my bones, a sort of crawling under the skin to get up and DO something, but I don't know exactly what. It feels a bit like a project pull. Do you ever get those? I need some big project to immerse myself in and lose myself for awhile. Something big, like house renovation or travel plans or a move to a new place. Ha!

If I'm still feeling this way tomorrow, shopping it is.

Old & New, Beautiful Blue Belated Birthday Wishes to scubatoe_eimi!
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