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Walking in a city is energizing, especially during the mellandagarna, the "between days" after Christmas and before the New Year. Even though people can be a bit crabby thanks to the crowds and the long lines, it gets your pulse moving to be surrounded by so much life. So much going on, so much to look at. I never used to like shopping all that much, especially clothes shopping (still don't, actually) unless there were books or music involved, but I love window-shopping and just browsing along.

I left the house in the early afternoon and drove to Malmö with no real intention of serious shopping. This was more an exercise in restlessness reduction. I did have some missions: exchange a pair of ski mittens for Karin, find "cake fireworks" for our New Year's Eve dessert, and stop by the American store for real maple syrup. 1-2-3: all accomplished. I crowd-walked, eeling through and around the clumps of people that were everywhere on the walking street. I stopped in Indiska where I always find beautiful things and nearly bought some on-sale Christmas ornaments but changed my mind at the last minute. I wandered through Åhlens City but ended up with only 4 rolls of reduced wrapping paper for next year. I stopped in 2 bookstores, but only bought 1 book, some cards and a big black marker (to replace the one we have at home that is nearly dry), and finally browsed through all the tempting displays at Oil & Vinegar before deciding on 2 jars of artichoke creme spread.

That was it. Not much, but I came away feeling more relaxed somehow. Maybe it was the retail therapy. Maybe it was the alone time, rather ironic considering how many people were out there on the streets and in the shops. Maybe it was just getting out of the house. Whatever it was, it seems to have calmed the restlessness to the point where it's manageable for now.

We're hosting a big dinner party on New Year's Eve; we'll be 16 altogether: 10 adults, 1 teenager and 5 kids. Anders has spent most of the day poring over cookbooks, writing down menu ideas and though I'm a bit disappointed he didn't go with his original suggestion, I'm positive that whatever he comes up with will be delicious as usual.

Tomorrow the turkey leftovers will be polished off and I'll probably start cleaning, plus maybe an hour of walking instead of only 30 minutes. I've just started a book as well, and really want to get it finished before Wednesday as I know I won't have time to read then until January has begun and I think I can just squeak in one more on my 2008 reading list!

Bring it on, 2009. I'm ready for you! Are you ready, too?

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20 + 1 + 5 = 16 ? No matter which it sounds like a lot of people. Good luck hosting that party.

hahaha!! Math brain does it again! Fixed!

Knowing Anders' outstanding talent in the kitchen, I'm sure he'll provide a memorable NYE dinner. I don't envy you so many guests, though. Eek!

We haven't noticed too many crowds at the after Christmas sales in Nyköping, though Annelie said it was crazy in central Stockholm. Figures... I hate shopping at the best of times, so I'm happy to skip it all.

I don't know that I'm ready for 2009, but I am sure ready for 2008 to be over!

haha! that icon is so hilarious! :D

Just a little something I a certain reptilian friend whipped up. Does it suit me? Or do I look fat in this icon?

Edited at 2008-12-30 01:59 pm (UTC)

it couldn't be better! :D I'm glad you liked it, it makes me laugh out loud!

I dunno if I'm ready for 2009, but 2008 can go now.

Yes I am, just not ready for today!

I am ready for 2009, though I have a ton of things to get done with my new job. Well, new since the end of Sept but still quite new because of all the new things I need to do. Plan a family fun night at my school, two service learning projects, hire volunteer tutors, etc...wrote an entry about these on my blog.

The reason I am/was not ready for today was I over-slept this morning. I missed my para transit ride to work. Had to call my neighbor and she gave me a ride. Then, I almost missed my next ride! I was going to the library and realized I didn't have time to read the reference book I came for! But I did make copies of some of the pages, so it wasn't a wasted trip!

I shouldn't complain though (so fun anyway!) because I had good things happen too. Almost had a bad problem with the bus driver (of the bus I almost missed) but in the mist of each of us getting really upset, I said: I'm going to quit complaining- I don't mean to be complaining! She stopped being upset and so did I!

Looks like I should have blogged this. lol Just got started and couldn't stop... ;-)

Okay, done now. ;-) The day is done and so am I!

Re: Yes I am, just not ready for today!

Sounds like you've got a lot going on! I hope the good things outweight the frustrating ones :)

Thanks Liz!

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