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What job would you never take?

What food would you never eat?

What place would you never visit?

What lie would you never tell?

Four quick questions off the top of my head, just to jump-start myself and get the writing juices flowing. People say "Never say never" all the time, because fact is, lots of people say they'll never do or say something and later find themselves saying or doing that very thing under circumstances they could never have imagined years earlier.

"I'll never be like my dad," a teenager yells, only to catch himself years later saying the exact same thing to his child that he swore he'd never say.

"I'll NEVER eat sushi," I swore up and down, FOR YEARS, thinking my friends were completely disgusting and refusing to even contemplate the thought, until love softened me up and I dared to try it because the one I was falling for held my hand and ordered a salmon & avocado roll for me.

There are things I can say with confidence that I'll never do. I'll never bungee-jump. I'll never have an affair. I'll never bleach my hair blond (mostly because I can't be bothered). There are other things that I can say with a fairly certain degree of probability that I'll never do: get a tattoo, bother reading the rest of the Harry Potter books, watch Dr. Phil, go on a cruise.

But you never know. Circumstances could change, things could happen; life throws curveballs now and then that can tumble your certainties into the air. There's nothing going on that's prompting this, just a flicker of an idea and something to write about on a Friday night when the well feels dry.



North Pole.

The dog ate it.

How about you?


Mongo Bongo Birthday Wishes to calif_fever and Blue-dilly Belated ones to blueberrymoon!

*Doh! I said "oysters" first, then realized I have eaten oyster SOUP, and I bet that counts, but not WHOLE oysters. Ew.
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