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What job would you never take?

What food would you never eat?

What place would you never visit?

What lie would you never tell?

Four quick questions off the top of my head, just to jump-start myself and get the writing juices flowing. People say "Never say never" all the time, because fact is, lots of people say they'll never do or say something and later find themselves saying or doing that very thing under circumstances they could never have imagined years earlier.

"I'll never be like my dad," a teenager yells, only to catch himself years later saying the exact same thing to his child that he swore he'd never say.

"I'll NEVER eat sushi," I swore up and down, FOR YEARS, thinking my friends were completely disgusting and refusing to even contemplate the thought, until love softened me up and I dared to try it because the one I was falling for held my hand and ordered a salmon & avocado roll for me.

There are things I can say with confidence that I'll never do. I'll never bungee-jump. I'll never have an affair. I'll never bleach my hair blond (mostly because I can't be bothered). There are other things that I can say with a fairly certain degree of probability that I'll never do: get a tattoo, bother reading the rest of the Harry Potter books, watch Dr. Phil, go on a cruise.

But you never know. Circumstances could change, things could happen; life throws curveballs now and then that can tumble your certainties into the air. There's nothing going on that's prompting this, just a flicker of an idea and something to write about on a Friday night when the well feels dry.



North Pole.

The dog ate it.

How about you?


Mongo Bongo Birthday Wishes to calif_fever and Blue-dilly Belated ones to blueberrymoon!

*Doh! I said "oysters" first, then realized I have eaten oyster SOUP, and I bet that counts, but not WHOLE oysters. Ew.
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--Sewage/garbage processing

--Another human (I've made peace with the fact that, in the event of a crash landing in the Andes or some like event, I will be the dinner, not the diner). Offal comes in ahead of human flesh on the Do Not Want list, but I'm afraid in the event of the crash landing scenario, the dog, goat or what-have-you is a goner.

--Either of the poles: I see no reason to voluntary be that cold

--That I'm pregnant when I'm not

Good ones!


Monkey brains


I'm a man.

Monkey brains! hahaha! We serve that to our kids occasionally.

Well, it's really chicken filets wrapped in bacon and grilled, but it sure brings them running to the table when we yell that the MONKEY BRAINS ARE SERVED!


Haha funny. Just as I'm reading this, what's on TV? Dr Phil! Haha!


Run away! Run away!

It wasn't me.

The things I would never do - never is a pretty permanent word so I would say I would never have sex with children or anything outside my species.

I will probably never handle a snake (extreme phobia) but then again, 10 years ago, I couldn't even look at a photo of one in a book or newspaper and now I can (sort of looking sideways, not full on).

When I was in elementary school -- must have been 5th grade, we went to the Logan Fontanelle National Park in Nebraska and saw a lot of animals, and got to handle was a big snake. Everyone was a bit freaked out, but he was so SOFT and muscular...not at all the slimy scary thing that everyone was expecting, (though why the kids would expect slime, I'm not sure).

Anyway, I've never been scared of them since then, though I have a healthy respect for them!

I KNOW in my rational mind that they are not slimy and I don't wish them dead, I know they do good things in the wild with vermin control and have their place in the whole cosmic scale, but due to early childhood trauma, what goes on in my conscious mind does not overcome what goes on with my phobia. I'm just glad I don't have to react so strongly to a photograph as I used to.

What job would you never take?
Most of the ones that guy on Discovery Channel checks out.

What food would you never eat?
I'll never eat brussel sprouts again. I hate them and nobody can make me eat another one as long as I live.

What place would you never visit?
There is no place I wouldn't visit given enough time and money to get everywhere.

What lie would you never tell?
I wouldn't ever tell a lie. :-)

Last night had some doozies! Cow palpater. Eek!

I dislike the brussels sprouts muchly as well, but I can manage to choke one or two down if I'm a guest at a dinner where they're served AND there's lots of gravy to drown them in first.

Never? Not ever?

Stores away the brussel sprout knowledge for use at a later date....

What job would you never take?
Bikini Waxer - eek...I may never eat again...

What food would you never eat?
Haggis, surströmming, offal of any kind.

What place would you never visit?

What lie would you never tell?
I'm a tall, stunning looking, kind, honest, caring, good sense of humour, generous, efficient, humble, filthy rich, down to earth sex goddess...

Haggis! Good one.

I've sat next to surströmming, but you're right, I don't think I could bring myself to eat it.

You totally lied! At least on 5 out of 12. >:D

Not wishing to quibble....

but 5/12 is not TOTALLY lied. It's just being a little creative and economical with the truth.

lol, the dog ate it!
Thanks for the wishes:))

I would never travel to Africa, eat snails (or oysters, or octopus, or grubs), ride an inverted roller coaster, marry an engineer, or keep onions in my house. Or so I said, at least, until I tried each one and found out I kind of liked it. (Well, with the exception of the snails, etc. I'm not the biggest fan of eating slime or getting tentacles stuck to my tongue. Eeesh.) I have quite the healthy fear now of saying "never!"

Marry an engineer! bwahaha! I said I'd NEVER have kids! O, how the mighty have fallen :D

Oops, forgot my answers!

Prostitute (I'm with nannergo on this one!)
Head cheese
That I have it all together :)

I actually Siberia first, too, then I changed my mind, because I'd love to go to Russia some day, though I WAS thinking more St. Petersburg, but still, Siberia in the summer maybe isn't so bad.

President of the United States.
Icelandic Haggis.
You are actually not my sister.

What makes you think you're not already IN HELL? muahahahaha!

Also, googling "Icelandic Haggis" led me to some VERY unsavory recipes. *blink*

Also: liar, liar pants on fire! Sarah is the adopted one!

Edited at 2009-01-11 02:29 pm (UTC)

I will never eat either Harry Potter or accountants. I'm pretty sure on both of these. (I do love 'arry though. No finishing the books, you say? Pitty.)

We'll see. I read the first four a million bazillion years ago, and got aggravated with them because GEEZUS doesn't that woman have an EDITOR?!? My disgust hasn't run out enough yet for me to make another attempt.




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