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I'm succeeding slowly in getting the kids interested in playing board games. We started some time ago with Monopoly, and we played Sorry! recently and then my mom's family Christmas present arrived for us yesterday: CLUE! The kids and I played last night, and I won just to show them how it was done. Then we all played tonight, after we got home from Anders' nephew's birthday party, at which Martin talked to me non-stop about CLUE and the characters and the rooms and the weapons and asked me a million questions until my head was about to explode, and then to add insult to injury he WON THE GAME.

I asked for CLUE for Christmas because we recently pitched my old classic version: it went into the recycling bins, and now I'm regretting it because Martin wants to compare the board and the character cards and the weapons to the version we have now, which is quite different. The old one had only 6 weapons (rope, blunderbuss, wrench, lead pipe, candlestick, dagger) and this version has NINE: they updated the pistol and the dagger kept the rope and the candlestick, removed the wrench and the lead pipe, and added a trophy (most people apparently don't keep lead pipes around the house anymore for bashing people's heads in), poison, an ax and a dumbbell. Good heavy stuff for bludgeoning!

The characters have all been updated, too, much to my dismay: Mustard is no longer a colonel, Plum is no longer a Professor. My version was from 1979...the game has been around since 1949! Now Plum is a self-made video game designer. Updating for the new generation of kids, is my guess. I did find a flickr set of the cards so I'll have to satisfy Martin's curiosity with it since I didn't save anything.

Even the rooms have been updated, since in addition to not having lead pipes handy, most people nowadays don't build their family mansions with ballrooms, conservatories, billiards rooms, libraries, lounges, or studies. We still have the ubiquitous kitchen, hall and dining room, but now our fancy abode contains a spa, an observatory, a theater, a patio, a POOL (in the center, handy for drowning people in), and a guest house.

There are other additions to the rules, which make the game quite a bit more exciting and give it some more action, both necessary things in this age of fast-paced video gaming, I suppose. Still, it's as fun to play as I remember, and I look forward to more sessions of trying to figure out whodunnit!
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I Love Clue! We have a real old version at home still, and if my mum ever wants to throw it out I am so saving it! If not to play with (is the newer version more fun to play? I doubt it but maybe for younger generations it might be?) then to craft with, or keep for keepers sake hehe.

The only reason we pitched ours was because we were missing several pieces and cards, otherwise I would never have gotten rid of it :) I can't believe I didn't think of keeping at least the cards I had for crafting with! DOH.

My brother has The Simpson's version of clue which is really cute, but I prefer the orignal version. You could probably find an older one on ebay for Martin :)

Nah, we don't need two of them. Finding the images of the cards is enough :)


I think it was called Cluedo when I played it as a child. :) It was fun.


Yep, the European versions are called Cluedo (though I'm not sure why). We have the American game, though.

My brother brought a (used) Cluedo game for some Christmas Eve afternoon fun while waiting for the dinner. Actually it was the first time I've played the game, although I've known about it for decades. Some of the people gave up while playing, which we solved by redistributing their cards to speed up the game. I was courteous enough to not deliver the correct solution when it was my turn, but waited for my older brother to do so and thus win the game. Gah, so much for honesty.

Why does the game lack poison and pills? Is it not honorable to kill somebody with strong medicine, e.g. mixed in a glass of alcohol?

Actually, the new version DOES have poison, and it looks like a little pill canister. I forgot to mention it; have corrected that.

What I want to know is, why no pillow for suffocating someone? :P

Oh it makes me sad to know that Plum is no longer a professor! Can they do that? Just CHANGE things like that. Alas, it makes me feel old.

Yeah, I guess they can! Judging from the number of differently-themed CLUE games out there, it appears they've changed it many times. This is just an update on an old classic. But it sure made ME feel old, too, I can tell you!

wow. that makes me a tad bit sad... why can´t there still be a colonel and a professor?? and who needs a spa at home?

I could use the spa at home...if it came with a masseuse! :D

true enough...

I can't believe they changed it :(
I LOVED playing this when I was a kid. Such a great game.

Well, I suppose they felt they had to update it for the new generation...otherwise people don't buy it or play it anymore. I'm sure board games have declined incredibly in the past 10 years thanks to the new video generation.

hunt for old Clue

Now I'm in the mood to hunt down an old Clue set!
We never had one at was something I played when visiting friends.
Loved playing it.

Never, never throw out old board games...give them to ME! lol
Carol in Perstorp

Re: hunt for old Clue

It was missing pieces and cards, which is why we recycled it and asked for a new one for Christmas :)

I've never heard of the game before. But then we never played board games when I was a kid. Most games didn't come with enough pieces for all of us, so my mum and dad never got them. I've never even seen a game of Trivial Pursuit, though more than one person had told me that I'd be good at it. We did have a Scrabble set, though :)

I bet Martin enjoyed beating you. The thin end of the wedge, Liz. It's all downhill from here...

So true! And Karin beat us all at Sorry! the other night. CLUE is for max 6 players, Sorry! is for max 4, so yes, you're right, it would be difficult to play with a family as large as yours was. :)

And you would totally KILL everyone at Trivial Pursuit, I have no doubt about it!

Oh, what a lovely trip down Memory Lane! My best friend and I played Clue for hours on end when we were Martin's age. Our version predated the 1979 one - those cards don't look at all familiar to me. It was around 1972 that our Clue-playing was at its height.

Just reading this entry took me back to my friend's basement where we played Clue, kissed boys for the first time and took sneaky, coughy tokes on our first cigarettes. Ah, youth!

Great memories for a great game! (aside from the cigarette-smoking, eek)

I believe that I have Clue sitting on the game shelf (lead pipe included). Too bad we didn't dust it off when my girls were here. Hubby is so not a game player. Makes me sad.

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