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I hate the beginning-of-the-year-no-money-after-the-holidays feeling.

Would give up a body part for a long massage. Preferably my neck.

Have power-walked for 20 minutes 2 days in a row at WORK...on the treadmill in the stinky boy's gym in the basement. Otherwise all power-walking has been on my own new christmas-present-treadmill or outside and I have only missed 2 days so far since Christmas. Go me!

Those of you with kids: what's their bedtime on school nights vs weekend nights? And how old are they? If they're older than 9 or 11, what time did they go to bed when they were that age?

I've been thinking I need a cookie icon. Yes. EVERYONE needs a cookie icon!

Noticed the other day that ozswede spelled it titbits whereas I've always written and said tidbits. Is this unconscious American prudery at its finest? Webster's says titbit is a variant of tidbit, but it also hypothesizes the origin is from titmouse which makes me suspect it's the opposite outside of America. Googling supports that theory.

My brother called this weekend to tell me he had dislocated his shoulder sliding down a mountain. OW OW OW. I sent sympathy and a giant tic-tac box full of Advil (he was nearly out), only I wrapped it in bubble wrap first and then duct-taped the hell out of it and stuck a post-it note on that read, "Let's see you open THIS with one hand!" Still: OW OW OW

My kind of novel-writing: Six Word Stories

Tomorrow is book group. We read Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell, which I actually read quite some time ago. But the best part is that the woman who is hosting is cooking us dinner from Mastering The Art of French Cooking! This is the menu:

Potage Parmentier
Oeufs en Gelée
Boeuf á la Bourguignonne (avec Pommes de Terres)
Un Petit Brie (aux raisins)
Tarte aux Citron et aux Amandes
Charlotte Malakoff aux Chocolat
Fantastique, non ?

Did you know that in written French, if your punctuation mark has more than 1 part it must have a space between itself and the word ? That goes for colons and semicolons (I don't know if they use those much in French, though), question and exclamation marks and the ellipsis (...), among others.

Am completely addicted to a new candy from Karamell Kungen that is only being offered for a limited time. It's little swirly toffee-type rectangles in crinkly see-through wrappers. One is banana & butterscotch and the other is lime & vanilla. OMG so drooly-delicious.

Bluepoppy hits the nail on the head: And facebook? Frankly, it's kind of like a cocktail party on steroids. When you first get there it's all HI! oh hi! hey hi! hi hi hi hi! oh you're here, hi! hi hi hey-- hi ! HI! and so on. And then? You all kind of sit around and sip from your drink.

Over and out.
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heh, yeah, she really hit the nail on the head with facebook.

Hee! It sure gave me a giggle.

OH, that is so exactly true about Facebook. That's IT. That is a PERFECT description.

It IS, isn't it! haahah! I told her the next time she'll get that much attention on FB is when it's her birthday. Otherwise: not so much :D

I never knew that about the French punctuation! I will have to go look at my French Harry Potter book or something to see.

Totally agree about Facebook. I thought it was a lot more fun when all your apps were on your front page too - then you could at least hang out and play silly games while looking at the messages. Now most of the cool apps are buried so deep I can't even find them anymore and I spend a lot less time on the site.

I've got the ones I use the most bookmarked so they are only a click away from the home page, but yes, I spend less time there than I used to, for sure.

how to get?

I think I must get those bananna/butterscotch caramels for a certain man of mine . . how to procure?


Re: how to get?

I shall look and see if they still have them tomorrow when we go to the store for myskväll candy and send a care package if they do! :)

Unfortunately, my daughter takes after me and has sleep problems. First we had to wean her off naps far sooner than her peers so she could sleep at night, then we had to go to a sleep specialist to figure out how we could get her to sleep on week nights without a battle every night. The solution was to create a slight sleep deficit throughout the week which she can catch up on over the week-end. Thus her bedtime became 9:30 when she was pretty young (8-9) and now that she likes to read in bed (and I fall asleep before her), I fear she's now going to sleep closer to 11:00 on week nights though the goal is for her to be asleep by 10:00.

As for week-ends, it varies a bit depending on whether she has sports going on. When she has Saturday games, we try to keep to the week night schedule so her entire sleep catch up occurs on Sunday. When she doesn't have games, she stays up about an hour later than usual and sleeps in on both Saturday and Sunday.

ugh, my sympathies on the non-sleeping daughter! We had the exact same issues with Karin and had to go through the exact same steps as you! She didn't sleep through the night until she was FIVE YEARS OLD.

FIVE YEARS OLD. It's amazing she lived that long, honestly. She still isn't the perfect sleeper, for that matter, and often has a hard time dropping off, wants us to come lie down with her, or wakes up in the middle of the night and comes in our bedroom.


Rachel and Bryce have to be in bed by 8-8:30 with lights out by 8:30-9 pm. But on Tae Kwon Do nights (Mon and Tues) that becomes 9 pm, as it ends at 8:30. On weekends they can stay up until 9 and lights out by 10.

I want to send them a care package too. Do you think he needs more Advil ??? Maybe Campbell's chicken noodle soup ? LOL


P.S. I noticed the others sign off as Lizardmom and Lizardbro should I be Lizardsis ???? Cuz I kinda like being the Beeg Leetle Seester or is that the Leetle Beeg Seester?


I hate to say this, for fear that Lizardek and Lizardbro will drive you crazy.....but Lizardsis does sound like some disease! So forbid!!! Locve, Lizardmom

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Oh dear, that French punctuation rule is hurting my teeth. How do you know this stuff?
Re: Kids' bedtimes, well... If you were my parents, you would be putting your 11-year-old to bed at 8:00 exactly (and then the 11-year-old would lie in bed making up fantastic stories for hours, because what tween can fall asleep while it's still light out?). If you were an Italian, you would let your kids stay up until ridiculous o'clock because little children are obviously responsible enough to choose their own bedtimes (and fall asleep in school the next day!). If you were me, you'd be trying to balance flexibility and responsibility... so my girls go to bed in the realm of 8:30 on weeknights and 9-ish on weekends. Of course, Natalie's only 3, so that's probably of no use to you. Do your children protest bedtime at all?

I know the French punctuation stuff because of all the translations and languages we deal with at work :)

And yes, the kids are starting to protest bedtime, even though I think it's pretty generous already AND it went up this past fall, as we thought it was age-appropriate to raise it. AND plus, they both then lie in bed and read for another 30-60 minutes until we yell LIGHTS OUT!

I've only ever seen the word tidbits in American writing, so I always assumed it was the way it was spelled there. I've always only ever used titbits myself. My Poxford dictionary dates the usage of the word titbit to around 1640, with "tit" being an adjective meaning tender, soft and nice. It also noted that it's possible that in local dialects it was tyd, so it may be that dialect that imported the word to the US rather than prudery. I mean you still call those little birds "tits"...

And yes, I have been looking at my dictionary this morning, as it happens, both to play Scrabble and to check the origin of another word that was puzzling me.... I'm a word geek. What can I say?

Another book to check out - reading AND cooking in one. How could I not love it :)

Edited at 2009-01-15 09:43 am (UTC)

We Americans prefer to refrain from talking about those birds (or that mouse, for that matter) as much as possible.

It made me laugh because I thought: "I can't title this post BITS OF TIT" hahaaha!!

Interesting about the tyd dialect, I hadn't seen that before, though I knew it was from around 1640 (Webster's mentioned that as well).

You'll have to start a Lexulous game with me, I don't know which board/dictionary layout you prefer!

And I thought you had already read the Julie & Julia book or I would have mentioned it earlier. It's great fun. It was a blog first. :)

LL is 10 now and goes to bed at 2100 on weeknights, 2200 weekends. It was 2030 until christmas but he somehow managed to extend it and since he is not grumpy in the mornings I have left it. *laugh*

That's approx. what we have but I've been told by my 11-year-old that they're the "ONLY KIDS" that have to go bed so early. I needed some confirmation from other parents to get a feel for whether we actually need to consider re-adjusting again.

Here's hoping my next meeting with Mr X will go:

Oh my God, rogered senseless again!

Ha ha!

I hope so, too, for your sake! (though I'm kind of wondering if your comment was meant for someone else?) :D

I sheepishly admit that my kids go to bed at 9:00 (or as close to it as we can manage) just about every night. That is considerably later than every other kid they know but probably doesn't help you in your challenge. I can't manage to get them in earlier though. We also had the same problem you did with Karin until I bribed Ingrid into falling asleep on her own. Anders isn't there yet but since we cut out his nap (at daycare - he has napped at home for over a year) he at least falls asleep quickly. If we can get to that point before he's five, I'll be impressed.

Well, that's about the same for us. Bedtime starts at 9, brushing teeth and pajamas and then reading until 9:30, then lights out around 10 most of the time...feels late to me!!

The thing that's giving me horrible cognitive dissonance about Facebook is that it has become a place where people from my entire life history can see me. I don't exactly have anything to hide, but still it feels surreal when I put up a status about my day and get comments from a childhood friend, my ex-pastor's wife, a coworker and my brother-in-law.

It's a cocktail party with too many people who don't belong in the same room together!

Do you know, that's EXACTLY what I like best about it. Having all the people I like best gathered in a room together is the ideal life for me! That was one of the best things about my wedding :)


C at 5.5 (as she would say) starts going to bed between 8:30 and 9, but with all the rigamarole of books to read, songs to sing and various stuffed animals to tuck in, I don't think her eyes close until 9:30 or later on the weekdays. She does still nap at school though, so I think that contributes to her owlish tendencies.


The bedtime routine can last forever, I agree! And wow, I'm surprised she's still napping at school. Martin never would after about age 2, and we made them stop letting Karin nap about that age as well, because otherwise nighttime was PURE torture.


By the way, fantastic sounding dinner! I read the blog way back when, but have not seen the book yet. Is it as fun?

Well, it's very much the blog in book format, I think. I never read the blog online, because by the time I was really getting into blogging she had already taken it offline so as not to conflict with the book release. But I enjoyed reading it: it was a fun, easy, quick and interesting read.


Day three for me, but somehow I can't put the word "power" to my excercises! Bedtime for my boys has usually been around 9pm. The routine (brushing teeth, etc.) starts at 8:45 or so, it's never exact. My 17yr old has his own timeline and no matter how many times I poke my head into his room in unbelief of his late hour, (11pm) he is okay with staying up late. He is almost always sitting with his face stuck in his laptop. His passion is to be a computer software designer. Or an excellent IM-er. I don't know if he has facebook . . .but he does have a MySpace page.

On to the other tiddies:
"Googling supports that theory" Oh! I love that. I'm going to have to borrow it. Please!

I am in awe of your language research. Wow !

Bon Appetit !

I have the same unbelief sometimes when I poke my head in my 11-year-old's room at 11 p.m. and boggle at him and say "LIGHTS OUT" but he doesn't seem affected at all the next morning: up cheerful and without a problem as usual.

Borrow away :)

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