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I hate the beginning-of-the-year-no-money-after-the-holidays feeling.

Would give up a body part for a long massage. Preferably my neck.

Have power-walked for 20 minutes 2 days in a row at WORK...on the treadmill in the stinky boy's gym in the basement. Otherwise all power-walking has been on my own new christmas-present-treadmill or outside and I have only missed 2 days so far since Christmas. Go me!

Those of you with kids: what's their bedtime on school nights vs weekend nights? And how old are they? If they're older than 9 or 11, what time did they go to bed when they were that age?

I've been thinking I need a cookie icon. Yes. EVERYONE needs a cookie icon!

Noticed the other day that ozswede spelled it titbits whereas I've always written and said tidbits. Is this unconscious American prudery at its finest? Webster's says titbit is a variant of tidbit, but it also hypothesizes the origin is from titmouse which makes me suspect it's the opposite outside of America. Googling supports that theory.

My brother called this weekend to tell me he had dislocated his shoulder sliding down a mountain. OW OW OW. I sent sympathy and a giant tic-tac box full of Advil (he was nearly out), only I wrapped it in bubble wrap first and then duct-taped the hell out of it and stuck a post-it note on that read, "Let's see you open THIS with one hand!" Still: OW OW OW

My kind of novel-writing: Six Word Stories

Tomorrow is book group. We read Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell, which I actually read quite some time ago. But the best part is that the woman who is hosting is cooking us dinner from Mastering The Art of French Cooking! This is the menu:

Potage Parmentier
Oeufs en Gelée
Boeuf á la Bourguignonne (avec Pommes de Terres)
Un Petit Brie (aux raisins)
Tarte aux Citron et aux Amandes
Charlotte Malakoff aux Chocolat
Fantastique, non ?

Did you know that in written French, if your punctuation mark has more than 1 part it must have a space between itself and the word ? That goes for colons and semicolons (I don't know if they use those much in French, though), question and exclamation marks and the ellipsis (...), among others.

Am completely addicted to a new candy from Karamell Kungen that is only being offered for a limited time. It's little swirly toffee-type rectangles in crinkly see-through wrappers. One is banana & butterscotch and the other is lime & vanilla. OMG so drooly-delicious.

Bluepoppy hits the nail on the head: And facebook? Frankly, it's kind of like a cocktail party on steroids. When you first get there it's all HI! oh hi! hey hi! hi hi hi hi! oh you're here, hi! hi hi hey-- hi ! HI! and so on. And then? You all kind of sit around and sip from your drink.

Over and out.
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