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Conversation in the car:
Karin: Mom, EVERYONE has a Wii except for us.
Liz: What, EVERYONE? EVERY SINGLE ONE? Really? That's so sad!
Karin: It's true.
Liz: Awww, you poor thing, and here you've only JUST gotten Playstation 2.
Karin: *sighs*
Liz: Too bad you have such sucky parents that only buy the old stuff and the used stuff and the hand-me-down stuff.
Karin: Yeah.
Liz: Hey! Wrong answer!!
Karin: *giggles madly*

Poor Karin. It's true, though. We are really cheap when it comes to the toys and gadgets our kids have. It's not that we don't buy them things, but they usually don't get the latest and trendiest stuff when it's new and at its most expensive. We waited years to buy one of the giant trampolines, for example, and we bought it used. The pool was used, much of their furniture is used (or second-hand), their computer is our old one...even the Playstation that Santa brought was actually third-hand. It's just too damned expensive to buy all the toys and electronics that kids today desire.

We've gladly accepted hand-me-down clothing and toys and furniture for the kids since they were babies. Frankly, I don't understand how anyone can afford to buy everything a newborn needs at retail prices. Baby carriages in Sweden, when new, routinely cost upwards of 6000 kronor (approximately $775). We bought a perfectly good used one from Anders' sister for a couple of hundred kronor...and a second one when Karin was born for about the same from a friend. When kids use things for such a short amount of time, what a WASTE to always buy everything new! The world would be COVERED in used crap if we didn't recycle our STUFF the same way we recycle our cans and bottles and newspapers (and it's heading in that direction, alarmingly).

Plus, doesn't it build character that they don't automatically get everything they want, when they want it? They've both wanted Heelies for a couple of years, but they were too expensive for us to justify for kids' feet that are growing out of shoes every six months...our method is to tell them to put it on their birthday or Christmas wish lists (and make their grandparents or aunts & uncles cough up the good stuff, thereby becoming HEROES in a big way, like Uncle John & Aunt Simone did this year with discounted Heelies!) or save up their allowance.

Karin wants a mobile? Save up, baby! Martin wants a laptop? Ditto! Of course, they DO sometimes get what they want when they want it, but it's not a frequent event by any means, especially when it comes to the pricier stuff, and so, when it does happen, it's both special and memorable.

We buy used stuff for ourselves, too, though we're not quite as cheap when it comes to our home, and we also save up for big-ticket items. Our cars are always used, I look for used books and CDs, and Anders scours eBay and Blocket for used motorcycle parts, etc. My Christmas-present-treadmill came from Blocket, barely used, and I was just as thrilled with it as if it had been new. It might as well have been, as far as I was concerned, and I was glad that Anders got a good deal by finding it second-hand. Score! So, even for us, buying new is a special and memorable experience. Especially when you have, as I usually do, champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Hee! I love that saying. I don't like or drink either champagne or beer but I've got that metaphor nailed when it comes to spending money! :D

When I do buy something brand new for myself, I have to admit that I love it. It feels kind of decadent, somehow.
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Pat yourself on the back! It's better for our growth when our parents refuse to buy every passing fad item that comes along. It's important to learn to save towards our desires - thereby also learning the difference between needs and wants. Pity the poor children whose parents buy all the latest - they are,in a sense, buying off their kids, instead of spending time with them. And, in the long run, teaching them that emotional support only comes in the form of new things instead of themselves and friends and family. And then, the added problem of the world being over run by trash! Love, Lizardmom

Well, it worked for me! hahaaha! And I thank YOU for it now, so...

It's really good to teach kids that they can't get everything they ask for.
Will be hard for them when thye will be grown-ups.
I don't buy the latest and not to many thigns to them,
just what is enough in my opinion.
I'll tell Alex when he gets older and wants brand-named clothes
I'm going to tell him to ask his father or grandmother from the US: :)

Good plan! that's what WE do! :D


I agree with the not buying everything right away. My kids both saved enough to buy their own Nintendo DS and they are on the way. Lost somewhere in California as they were due to arrive on Tuesday and still are not here. The anticipation is almost killing Bryce. He has run to see if they arrived everyday for more than a week. :( They still do not have Heelies (been on their list for a couple years too).Smae with the Wii. but when the house sells we told them s=we will get one when we save enough for it.
Love Seester

Good for them for saving up! Are they both good savers? Martin is, but Karin's money totally burns a hole in her pocket.


Rachel is when you remind her what she is saving for, but Bryce still needs major instruction and encouragement. Has Martin always been a good saver or is this an age thing?


He's always been good about it, but it's been more from not having something that he wants to buy specifically than from purposely saving for something special. Karin wants everything and she wants it now!


lol You can tell her that you know of at least 2 people who don't have a WII....Simon and I:)


Ha! Even people our age don't always have the latest gadgets :D

I so agree with your stance. A lot of the "must haves" are only fleeting crazes that die anyway and why waste good money on things that they are motivated to "want" because of peer pressure.

But I guess we all felt that way when we were kids and I'm pretty sure that I thought "Everyone has a ..." at some time or other. In our case, from pure economic necessity, it was not possible to have the latest things, so we had to save up. I grumbled at the time, but am grateful now that I learned the habit. And when I saw how hard I had to work to amass those pennies, I had a chance to think about whether I REALLY wanted the item.

They will thank you one day. But not in the near future, so be prepared for more grumbling and accusations of being mean.

It doesn't end until they hit 25, isn't that so? :D

Build that character! My 12yr old saved and saved his money for a Lego robot. When the time came to purchase it he put some thought into it and realized he will be spending a huge amount of cash on something he will only play with for a short time. I told him to research opinions online and decide what he wants to do. Later he confirmed his hesitation, and said, "I should buy a Wii! They are the same price!" And so he did! Buying for my boys when they were babes was much the same, buying second hand everything from strollers to lamps to shirts on their backs.

How smart of him to re-think and research his initial desire to make sure it was what he REALLY wanted. That seems like an unusually strong character!


By the way- I like your new heading with the skiers. Is the bird in the middle Uncle Johnnie? or wait....he was carrying his skis! :0 Love, Lizardmom

hahah! Well, it's certainly not me! Anders and the kids are going skiing the first week of February :)


First of all, I agree 100% with this entry! :)

And secondly but most important I want to thank you for your nice and encouraging facebook comment! I guess I have to start looking, the problem is that the kind of work I want is close to impossible to get... So if I start looking for new jobs now I will just get similar ones to the one I have. :(

I was hoping this job would give me a bit more experience in the field, but it has given me absolutely nothing of that, so. That sucks. :(

I'm thinking of starting my own private project to get needed experience and things to put on a CV, since the merits I already have don't seem to be enough. But I still have to pay rent - so I don't know when I would get the time to devote myself to that project.

It helps though to feel the support from people around me. Including you, who always know how to make me feel better, you always have the encouraging words for me. :)



Just because you're looking doesn't mean you have to apply! It's a good idea just to see what is out there. If all you find is too similar to what you have now, keep searching. But don't look every day or you'll just get more discouraged. Set a day or 2 aside each week where you check the ads/sites for new positions. Tell everyone you know what you are looking for, too. Networking happens when you least expect it sometimes!

Us, too. It still blows my mind that stuff at these hideous new prices still fly off the shelves.
We're still at our very first second-hand X-box that's rarely used.

I don't understand how people can afford it all. We have friends that have ALL of the different gaming consoles plus games for them! It's incredible! I couldn't believe how much just the games cost when we started investigating.

I own neither of PlayStation 2, 3, Wii nor Xbox 360. The only piece of modern gaming I own is a PSP, mostly due to a friend of mine wanted to pay off a debt with stuff instead of money. I do however have the economy to buy pretty much either of those but despite having grown up with home computers and video games, modern gaming isn't attractive to me. Besides I have so little spare time that I prefer to spend it on other things ..

.. like playing with vintage computer games. :-) The older, the better.

computer games and all the new stuff

Oh, I'm so glad we have sheltered Maya from the computer game thing...she has NO CLUE what's out there...sometimes we feel quilty that we haven't exposed her to this technology yet. Bo thinks we may be setting her up for "mobbing" (bullying) because she doesn't know of these things...but it's ok for now. She's happy in her little kid world of mermaids, whales, dolphins and ponies, etc...but WHEN the play station fever strikes....


The above remark

was made by CAROL in SWEDEN

Maybe I should open an account on LJ so I don't keep forgetting to sign my name! you ever wonder how they come up with those ramdon words for "security" checks? like Economy CDolera ? (no kidding! that's what I have to type in!) weird, huh? (like Cholera?)

THEY WILL TOTALLY thank you! They will! AT least, that's what I'm going to tell my second-hand heart over and over again.

We live on recycled goods. New things often make me sad.

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