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Karin was sick over the weekend, running a fever, complaining of a sore throat and being generally draggy. She stayed home from school Monday, with my chaperonage to make sure that she didn't play games all day as sick kids who stay home from work DO NOT GET TO HAVE FUN. She was allowed to watch TV and DVDs and otherwise she could lie on the sofa and sleep or lie in her bed and sleep or lie in OUR bed and sleep.

I worked the entire day, while she slept and watched and moaned about how boring it was to be sick (sure sign that she was going to school on Tuesday if I had anything to say about it), and when the day was done I worked some more, because I had a sneaking suspicion that she had already infected me. At 5 o'clock, she moaned and groaned so much that we went and laid down together in my bed, whereupon we BOTH fell asleep and Anders woke me up at 7 wondering if the kids had had dinner yet. Oops.

And I got up and ate something and then I worked until 10 p.m., because now I knew I needed to put away some hours against a coming sick day.

Tuesday she went to school and I went to work, though neither of us felt all that great, and I self-medicated with my rapidly dwindling supplies of Tylenol Cold Medicine. By yesterday, Wednesday, I KNEW I'd caught the plague but was pretty sure the super-powered American cold medicine would be able to keep it at bay.

Wrong! By afternoon, my throat hurt so much I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the first choir practice of the year and called with my sad regrets. This morning the plague was full blown: headache, achy muscles, fatigue, sore throat, stuffed up head and sore sinuses. WAH! I slept half the day and worked the rest, and now I'm going back to bed, because I really really need to go to work tomorrow and besides I WILL be better tomorrow, because it's sushi night tomorrow and I MUST BE BETTER FOR THE SUSHI.

It was much better being sick when you were a kid; even if you couldn't play games, you could make forts with your duvet, and read all you wanted and play with the cat, and your mom would bring you chicken soup and toast for lunch, and most of all, you didn't have to worry about work or your other obligations. Being sick when you're an adult, and especially when you're a parent: BLEAH.

Send healing thoughts, please! Sushi, sushi, sushi!

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Aww. Feel better fast!

Is the Boston trip on this year?

Don't know yet :( Either way, it won't be in April. If I CAN come, it's more likely to be in the fall but I won't know for some time.

I'll be staying home again tomorrow too. It's such a shame to be at home all day on a work day and not able to take any pleasure in it. (Although I have spent plenty of time today playing games on my laptop...)

I agree! I hope YOU'RE feeling better. I went to work today, though I don't feel 100% yet. Feeling more myself, but can't breathe very well: SNUCK.

*sending healing thoughts*

Thank you very much! I feel them working!!

Yep. Got the same thing. Started on Saturday and is still hanging around. Hope you can defeat yours faster!

Get rid of that before the baby gets here!

Good lord, for a second, I thought you were talking to ME! :O


Ugh! And you can't take any medicine, I suppose? DRAG!!! I feel for ya, girl. :( Hope you can shake it off now it's had a week!

((healing thoughts healing thoughts healing thoughts healing thoughts))

Thank you! They seem to be helping! :)

oh honey

feel better, goose!

you need WAY more rest than you are giving yourself--

and, I would give you kisses, but I SO don't want to risk getting the plague . . . so I will wave from afar and send you best wishes for speedy healing!


Re: oh honey

No no plague for you! I'll blow kisses from a (VERY LONG) distance.


Get better quickly. Brainwash your mind on Sushi - it will make your "immunförsvar" sparkle!!

And besides, having a cold when it's the weekend is a waste of time anyway!


I KNOW there must be something medicinal about sushi! Yes, indeedy.


Ach I hear you! It really is no fun at all to be sick and have kids. Sending lots of good getting well thoughts your way and also hope you can sleep a lot! BP is right, rest more than you think you need to.


Everyone keeps telling me to rest, and yet here I am, up after midnight again. I'm my own worst enemy, for sure!

Sick as an adult = sucks. Sick as a parent = SUCKS. Sick as the parent who stays at home taking care of kiddos = SUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKSUCKS!!!!! Enjoy the forced relaxation, and remember... sushi will probably exist beyond tomorrow. Crazy, but true. :) Get better soon!

Haha! But I'm pretty sure the sushi HELPS you get better. It's got, like, extra-super common-cold-fighting powers or something. Yes! It's TRUE.

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