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I was in a ridiculously good mood this evening, and indeed, for most of the day, despite a beginning-to-be-crushing list of projects at work, and a meeting that droned on for longer than I would have liked.

Why the good mood? I have no idea. Feeling better will do that to you after a week and a half of physical misery, I suppose. I can breathe, I can sleep without drugs, I feel as though my brain is limbering up again, and I shall restart my head-cold-interrupted walking schedule tomorrow.

Some things that have been on my to-do list for a little while also got whacked off today, which is always pleasing. Call in prescriptions—check! Stop by optician and get glasses fixed—check! Call for a massage appointment—check! Though 2 of these have led to NEW to-do list items: PICK UP prescriptions. And CALL BACK for massage appointment because she is out of town until February 16th—WAH!

My mom sent the kids an email full of terrible punny riddles, which we giggled like maniacs over. That probably helped kickstart the silly good mood. Who can resist laughter when faced with jokes like this?

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work? A STICK!

What do you call cheese that isn't yours? NACHO CHEESE!

How do you get Holy Water? You boil the hell out of it!

And one of my all-time favorites:

Where do you find a dog with no legs? RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT HIM!



Again with the to-do list
Install a really great closet organizer system
Apply for Swedish citizenship
Re-decorate the computer room—it needs some style. Also, some comfort!
Rotate the artwork in the house: give some closeted pieces a day in the sun
Frame the things in that pile on the art desk
Whip up some of those recipes you've been collecting


Sitting around and thinking about writing something really GOOD never works for me. Inspiration clutters and clogs to a standstill. Sometimes it's TOO many topics crowding the outer edges of my mind; other times the mindscape is white, flat, empty—interior decorated in minimalist thought. Everything sounds trite or fits and starts and chokes and backspaces seem to be the order of the day. So be it. Write anyway. Write like you have something to say. Write like someone is reading. Better yet, write like no one is. Write the sun up, write the rain down. Tap out a child's smile or a stray and fleeting idea. Tell me something no one knows about you. Whisper in my ear.
mood: rejuvenated
music: Joan Armatrading—The Weakness in Me


Well, I'm delighted that the jokes brought such a perfect result! I'll hope more such laughter inducing stuff will cross my screen.
As for whispers in your ear...." I Love You...did you know?" And, all your blog writings whisper to me....."Here's more to know and understand about your oldest!" Love, Lizardmom

See? That's why I wish YOU would journal, too. :)

hehe..i like the jokes!

the best part (and the only good part i guess) about being sick is getting well again :)

Amen, sister!


Your giddiness is infectious-- and that is not the viral type! This post is just what I need to jump start my day. I especially like the last paragraph. Marvelous!

Whispering now . . . I can't stand electrical cords. The tangled mess, the dust, the SPIDER traps it creates or rather, the spider escapes because I cannot get my broom in to smash them. The spiders are usually so large they have thoughts and they are thinking, "Nee-neer nee-neer you can't get me!"

Our spiders say "Nee-neer nee-neer" too, but they say it in Swedish!

Nice post Liz. I like it all and I especially like that last paragraph, although I haven't thought of anything yet to tell you that no one knows...

whispering thoughts~ oh those cute little birdies looking for food on the feeder this morning... too bad I can't afford it 'til after the first (maybe I'll charge it...) I wish this sore throat would go AWAY.... Maybe I should use it as an excuse and take a nice long, I could listen to a book on tape.... but the "to do" list, ack. hmm, fancy all the stuff I got out of today because of the sore throat... that's another take on it...

I feel for you, with the sore throat. One shouldn't be constantly AWARE of the inside of one's own throat that way.

That's for sure!!

Hey, I noticed you have framing art on your "to do" list. Do you mat it yourself? I am very interested in this at the moment because I have a few pieces that I'd like to mat and frame. It seems exorbinately expensive here to have it done.
In the past I have often been able to find good second hand frames, sometimes with matting, sometimes ready made matting, but this time I have two unusual sized pieces...

Good lord no. I learned how to mat in some art class in college and hated it. I SUCKED at it. :)

I would love to know whatever happened to that book you were making with the art pages... Is it still in progress?

Well, if you can call the fact that it's still sitting waiting for me on my art desk despite the fact that I haven't touched it in a year "in progress"...then yes :)

Hey, my daughter knew the dog joke. Now I'm all sad.

My son thought you'd find holy water in a hole. (Not so funny but not bad for a six year old.)

Something you didn't know about me...hum...I got a nosering way way back, long long ago, before they were fashionable. (They are fashionable, right?) I got it by a little old hairdresser with a beehive, in a small town in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. She was afeard as she bore through my face. Actually, she snapped it with a ear piercing gun, which is apparently bad. But she WAS afraid.

Even if they know it, and even if they've heard it a million times before, you can still get them to laugh if YOU laugh like a maniac first, as soon as you say the punchline :D

Do you still have the nose ring? I've never been a fan of piercing, but nose rings have always struck me as extremely impractical. How DO you blow your nose with one??


You're applying for Swedish citizenship? Really? What made you decide to do it at this point? Just curious, cause I've been pondering the same question.


No no, it's just on my long-term to-do list. Sweden and the US both allow dual citizenship (well, technically the US doesn't; they just don't care) so there's no reason NOT to. I don't have to give up my American citizenship to apply for Swedish. BUT it costs quite a bit of money, which is why I haven't gotten around to it. I keep finding other things to spend that money on :)

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