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This seems to be one of those dreaded dry periods where making up memes in lieu of actual journal posts is about as scintillating as it gets. In the face of minimal inspiration, no motivation, and a blank slate of interesting anecdotes and memories, I'll roll with the small stuff that I can squeeze out. Hey! It's better than bullet points and to-do lists, right?

4 things I regret
That we never bought a video camera when our kids were small; losing all the German I learned in high school; not getting the job with Hallmark at my first interview out of college; getting rid of that green & black moose sweater years ago

4 things I don't regret
Never giving in to co-sleeping; staying friends after the break-up; refusing to climb the corporate ladder; moving to Sweden

3 things I can't fathom the allure of
Oysters on the half shell; putting "kick me" notes on people's backs: jogging

3 things I can't get enough of
Undercooked salmon on rice with sautéed snap peas, kohlrabi & artichoke hearts; massage therapy; my children's laughter

2 things I'd like to see more of
Snail mail letters; real action on environmental issues

2 things I would be just as happy never to see again
Walking pneumonia; my fat pants

3 things I say that my dad said, too
No shit Sherlock; cruising for a bruising; anyhoo

3 songs that I frequently break into
Holly Jolly Christmas; There Are Worse Things I Could Do; Wouldn't It Be Loverly

3 things I'm going to miss next week
Anders; Martin; Karin

4 stories I've never told you and probably never will
What really happened in 1992; my 3rd most embarrassing moment; why I think the way I do about religion; all about those past relationships

4 fairly recent discoveries that I'm digging right now
Smosch; Jessica Hische; Woman in a Window; Erin McCarley

Cracking Me Up: Time-lapse baby play Hilarious and adorable! Zoom zoom baby!
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