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Might as well not waste this only on Facebook! :D

1. Europe (Belgium, Germany, Sweden) has been my home for 18 years of my life and I suspect I'm here to stay. I've moved 29 times over the years and have lived the longest in this current house: 6.5 years.

2. Despite having been eligible for the past 7 years, I still haven't gotten around to applying for Swedish citizenship.

3. I refused to try sushi until I met Anders when I was 30 years old—now I can't get enough.

4. I have never bleached, tweezed, tattooed, pierced or waxed anything.

5. I don't mind doing memes (usually in your own comments!), especially listy ones but I rarely tag anyone, and I despise blog quizzes.

6. I've been journaling online since 2003 and have designed the book formats for each year and had them bound and printed in paperback.

7. Time travel and reincarnation really appeal to me, in theory.

8. I miss my mom a lot and wish we lived in the same country, at least.

9. Puns are a weakness of mine. This will not surprise some of you.

10. Sometimes I think I should have done something with that college Art degree I almost got...and then I realize that I DID, which makes me smile.

11. I swear like a sailor, even in front of my children.

12. My impatience drives my husband crazy sometimes.

13. The first music concert I ever went to was Foreigner. The second was Rush. The last was Peps Persson. None of these really reflect my true musical tastes.

14. I love love love my job.

15. It both dismays and amuses me when I can't think of words in English nowadays.

16. There are 2 fairly major skeletons in my closet, that only a couple of people know about. One can't reveal everything, right? :P

17. Last year, I read 139.5 books.

18. Singing in a choir is one of my weekly activities; I'm a contralto.

19. When I make lists like this, I make a conscious effort not to start every sentence with "I", often going back and editing to avoid it.

20. Common things I do extremely rarely: watch TV, sew, swim, use the oven, drink milk

21. As a rule, I don't drink alcohol and I've never been drunk in my life.

22. One of the things I like best about my current lifestyle is the fact that I never have to wear either pantyhose or high heels anymore.

23. The first thing I do when I get home from work each day is walk through the house and pick things up and put things away that are out of place. I make the kids do it, too.

24. I truly can't fathom why anyone would smoke cigarettes or use chewing tobacco. Ick.

25. It is my firm belief that religious and political opinions are nobody's business but their own and that people should keep them to themselves. If people actually did so, the world would be a much better and more peaceful place. Since they don't, however, I'm all for rational discussion and open-mindedness.
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You sound like someone I'd like :)

hahaha! Didn't you know that already? I've always thought the same about you! :D

Ha, yeah, I've know that for, what, about two years...? :)

wow. I knew several of those things, having gleaned them over the years, but this is a fun kind of list. Thanks for sharing it Liz.

It was fun to write, but harder than I expected. :) I kept thinking: everyone knows this stuff already!

These lists are fun to read! I don't sew or drink milk either. Oddly, my daughter loves milk and is taking Costume Studies at University:))

My kids both love milk, too. I've never liked it, not even as a child.


p.14 and 17 impressed me most of all.

Jag har läst en sida på svenska. Det är lätt. Vet du hur fungera en automatisk översettning?

No, actually, I've never used a translation function for Livejournal. But if I'm going to have you on my friends list, I can see I will need it! :D

Förlåt, det var jag upp.


You swear like a sailor??? For some reason I just can't picture that. :oP
I also didn't try sushi until my mid- 20s or so. I still can't eat the really exotic things, but I love love love the classic sushi rolls and salmon on rice types of things. Yummy!


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