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Well, I've confirmed what I already knew but was in semi-denial about. I'm addicted. Although, I have to say, I did not nag my husband EVEN once to stop playing that stupid car racing game and get the computer put back where it belonged so I could get online, dammit! :) haha!

Yesterday is over, and we'll just leave it there. Today was pretty mellow. Being the superniceinfactunbelieveablynice wife that I am, I cleaned up the horrendous mess of dishes and bottles and glasses and whatnot wreckage from a very successful men's dinner party last night while my extremely hungover husband took the kids to scouts. Normally I wouldn't have touched the mess, but I, in my withdrawal-symptom way, thought it was the best way to get him to get the computer hooked up faster. :) Pathetic, I know.

Anders received a lovely dark blue sweatshirt/sweater and 2 bags of turkish pepper candy for Father's Day. However, the sweater is a bit tight, so will have to get into the store and replace it as soon as possible, before that beautiful blue is gone.

Finished re-reading The Lovely Bones today in preparation for book group on Tuesday, and have to say, it was as excellent and as shiver-inducing as the first time I read it. I've actually read the first 42 pages of it 3 times now, because before I bought it I looked it up on amazon.com, and they had 42 pages of excerpts and I started reading it (at work) and couldn't stop until I finished the entire selection. The idea that the dead watch their loved ones from heaven is a very compelling one. So, Dad, if you're up there, Happy Swedish Father's Day. I miss you.

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